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Happy Thursday, everyone!

It has been a happy week for me.  In fact, a very happy week with four days being spent with two wee enchanters.  It was hard to leave them this morning, their eyes all full of sleep and their lil bodies wanting to be snuggled.  Alas, duty called and I had to go to work.

Day jobs are not all that fun some days!

As I drove to work today, I wondered what I would set as my three teeny, tiny goals for this week. Before I share them with you, I want to report on the past week’s goals.


1 Spend quality time moving with/enjoying the wee ones, doing something extra special on Valentine’s Day.

2 Do 3 things that reflect faith and empowerment, and count calories 3 days.

3 Exercise each morning, and eat the rainbow every day.


I did okay with my goals this week, but not as well as I would have liked. Still, I spent quality time with the wee ones, enjoying them and moving a lot over the last week. Yay, me! I’m hurting today, but not as much as I thought I might.

I chose to exercise each day last week, but some days I did morning exercises in addition to the granna movement that occurred naturally throughout the day.

The faith and empowerment goal was a good one for me this week! My default tendency is to color fully inside the lines and make sure everyone else does too [insert frustrated control freak tendency here], which sometimes doesn’t translate well with kidlets. Or anyone, really.  They don’t understand, and too harsh rules set up adversarial scenarios—not at all what I want when I’m in granna mode. It takes all of my concentration and deliberate effort to avoid getting stuck in a rut of default thinking some days, but this week I did avoid that. Again, yay!

I’m not sure why I’m wired to be harsh or rule-oriented, but I know there is grace available to me in situations where I need it and this week I asked for it, regularly. Any time I felt myself slipping into a rules-oriented mindset, I stopped and prayed for patience and a spirit of fun. It worked. I was able to forget about the rules and embrace the fun in each situation, and consequently I worried less. Yay!

Why do I worry so much that things won’t go right?  Who knows!

We ate lots of veggies this week, and treated the boys to cooked sushi twice. J loves that stuff. A is more of a sugar addict like his gran, but this week we made sure neither of us went overboard. I had a salty lunch and supper last night, so my weight was up a bit today, but I know its water weight. I’m using Dr. J’s suggestion today to deal with it—intermittent fasting and focusing on small portions—smaller than usual.


Deliberate plans bring deliberate successes, this I know. My goal list has made it clear to me since we began working life together.  I’m being deliberate today with my food and my planning. I’m also planning to be deliberate, more deliberate than usual, in working with the goals this week.

This week I’m keeping the goals especially small. I have a friend that will be leaving the area soon, for a long term mission project. I want to be deliberate in spending some time with her before she departs, so I’m focusing on both of us for my goal list this week. I also have an important steering meeting on Saturday that I want to attend, and I want to add to the planning in positive ways. Both of these desires will be going on my goal list this week.


1 Send a special note to my friend this week, telling her how proud I am of her for what she’s planning to do and telling her honestly, from my heart, how much I will miss her once she is gone.

2 Bring concepts of faith and empowerment into the meeting I will be attending on Saturday, offering positive suggestions for the future and sharing my ideas about how we can be more inclusive with the community around us going forward.

3 Exercise for 15 minutes each day, and use controlled fasting to cut back on calorie counts this week.

I’m looking forward to another week of success built through this habit. I know acting in deliberate ways paves a path of success for me and for others. Setting goals doesn’t have to be hard work or tedious stuff. If what you want is to live more deliberately, why not give three teeny, tiny goals a try. It feels great to do what you said you would do, even when you don’t do it perfectly. Especially when you don’t do it perfectly!

What most often trips you up on your way to success? What three teeny, tiny things can you do to feel better about yourself this week, and move closer to your goal?