Pete the Cat * Positively Cool!

Yesterday, I included Pete the Cat in my Three Goals Thursday post.  Pete is a cool cat who has a great attitude, even when confusing stuff happens around him.  He’s a wonderful role model for young children, and I love his hippy ways.

I found a few pictures of Pete the Cat on line yesterday and wanted to share them on my blog today.

Pete’s so cool!

This is your standard Pete the Cat painting.  Notice his red shoes. He also has a pair of white shoes which he loves to sing about.  Pete sings and talks his way into children’s hearts by means of Eric Litwin’s book, Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes.  000Pete standingOf course, Eric would never have been able to bring Pete to life without the help of the book’s artist, James Dean.

Together, these guys have created a colorful and creative series of books with Pete at the center.

Good job, guys!

Here is a stuffed version of Pete the Cat. Soooo cute!000Pete stuffed

The great thing about Pete is that he never cries when things go wrong.

Goodness, No!

He just keeps walking along, singing his songs, and being a cool cat.

I found this YouTube clip of StoryTimeMomShy reading about Pete’s white shoes and the troubles he gets into with them.  Interesting how she sings Pete’s song.  I took the tune in an entirely different direction.

Another singer/story teller, Eng Safwat, has posted a vlog about Pete’s shoe book, too; a very soulful and maybe more hippy version.  I think I will be sharing both of these with some wee men this next week.

So. Much. Fun.

My final Pete the Cat entry today is Logo Pete, so important for branding Pete’s Cool Persona.


What I love about Pete the Cat is threefold:

1  His blue, blue, blue hue. He’s cool!

2  His attitude. He doesn’t cry over life’s messes.

3  His ability to keep singing his song, no matter what happens.  Pete doesn’t resign from life when life gets tough. Instead, he keeps going and he does it with intention.

I think I could learn a lot from Pete about being positive and doing my own thing.

When have your white shoes been soiled?  Did you cry?