My Goals Including Valentine’s Day

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This week has been a challenge in many ways.  I don;t know what is going on in other areas of NEPA, but in my world it’s been strange this week.  I’ve probably been thinking too much. My mind can be a dangerous neighborhood sometimes.  A place no stranger ever wants to visit.  🙂

This week I will admit to having gotten caught up in some working, some fretting, a lil bit of amazement, and a whole lot of behavior modification,but like Pete the Cat says, “It’s all good.”

I love Pete the Cat. Do you know him?

000Pete standingLike Peter, I’m still standing, and any day you’re vertical is a good day, I say.

I told you my company got bought out by another concern recently, right?  Well…

I used to work at a drug and alcohol recovery center (before this job). We also provided services for MH clients.  I loved that job because it was 90% about helping other people. I love to help.  I love to organize. I love to work for small business because of the diversity of work I find there, and because of the benefit I see up close and personal from the help I provide.  I got to see how people changed because of little things that we all did while I worked there, little offerings of grace.  A smile shared.  A joke told.  A simple task done without grumbling, like emptying the garbage without being asked, or buying creamer and paying for it yourself when you don’t use it.

Creamer makes life for others sweeter.

Half and Half is one of those mood-altering foods that a smoothly running office can live without, but why should they?

Lately, the changes at my office have been happening fast and furiously.  It’s not always pleasant, and I think maybe the nastiest part of it, the we’ll-do-it-this-way-today-but-then-again-tomorrow-may-be-different attitudes are getting to me.  It’s that posturing and re-posturing that happens when change occurs, and how everyone scrambles to find significance in themselves, that wears me down.  It can be exhausting, so if I’ve seemed sullen or negative in my posts, or needy the last few days, let me apologize and say, “I will try harder not to bring that to the blog in the days ahead.”

You don’t need to hear read that!

Besides, I have goals to set and an update to provide, so let’s get to it.


1 Call the Y and the BW in my area to check on swimming options.

2 Plan meals 2 x this week, and count calories 2 days this week. Try to eat enough less that I am hungry before I get to the next week.

3 Talk to a professional about putting together a workable plan for losing 10 lbs before summer.


Goal No. 1 DONE, BUT JUST BARELY!  I contacted both a local hotel and the Y about membership fees and swimming options this week.  I now have info I need to make a decision about which way to go for a new exercise experience.  Yay!

Goal No. 2 KINDA DONE!  I did plan meals this week, more than two days, actually, and I did pay attention to what I ate.  Once I threw out food I planned to eat but felt would not feed my body well.  I did not count calories this week though, so this is only a kinda done goal for me.

Goal No. 3 FAIL.  I did not talk to anyone this week about a workable plan for losing that 10 lbs.  Well, that’s not entirely true, I did talk to someone, but I didn’t talk seriously, as in planning to work a particular program.  That being the case, I’m counting this as a fail.


I think I had just too much to think about this week.  the office was really busy, and home was busy, too.  My mind has been swirling lately, and while that may not sound like a good excuse to some, its what I have to offer today. My hope is that this next week will be a lil quieter on the upper levels (my brain), and that I will be able to get more done on the lower leves (with my body). The wee ones come to the house Saturday evening and will be with us through Wednesday night, so I’m not sure how much thinking I will get done, so that might be good.  I hope to get a lot of hugging time in and some reading time done.  The elder of the two is now an accomplished reader, so I can’t wait to have him read to me.  🙂


1  Spend quality time moving with/enjoying the wee ones this week, doing something extra special on Valentine’s Day.

2  Do 3 things that reflect faith and empowerment, and count calories 3 days. 

3  Exercise each morning, and eat the rainbow every day.

The boys love veggies and doing stuff, so these should not be hard goals for me to achieve. Woohoo!  These will get done.  Stay tuned to find out how!

What three things will you do to get yourself moving this week?  What one goal have you had for yourself for a while now, but haven’t committed it to paper? 



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  1. One of my goals for this week is to make a barley salad. I’m slowly but surely trying to use up the assorted grains and beans in my pantry. 🙂

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