Morning Migraine



No fun.

Definitely hurty!

I exercised anyway.

I kept it low key.

I took aspirin when the blurr began.

I went back to bed for about 20 minutes.  I shut my eyes.

I got strong coffee on the way to work.

I’m here, but not here, if you know what I mean.

Head still hurting, but functional.

I love the power of habit.

Let me say that again: I LOVE the POWER of HABIT!

I woke up at 5am this morning and craved exercise.  Who is this woman living in my skin?  Where did the ole, lazy, uninterested-in-any-exercise-at-all Lori go?  How long will she be away, cuz I’m hoping for a substantial hiatus for her.

Migraine, and yet success!  It feels good!!!!

Bring it on, Friday. Bring it on!!!!

Do you ever suffer from migraine pain?  How do you deal with it?


5 thoughts on “Morning Migraine

  1. When I get migraines I get them for about a week straight! Ugh it’s terrible. I’ve tried imitrex and other prescription meds but the only thing that REALLY works is time, a couple of aspirin and SLEEP.

    Hope you feel better soon! 🙂

    • Thank you! Did you catch the game yesterday? I’m not a big football fan, so while I saw snippets here and there, I did not see the entire game. I’m happy for Peyton, though. I heard he did well!

  2. I have had to change what I eat to control my migraine pain. I am posting details on the site that I have started. It is difficult to figure out what to eat, so I am working out recipes and posting them as well as other tips. I hope you find something on my site or elsewhere.

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