Emotions are a Part of the Journey

000emotionsThis week has been a mixed bag of emotion for me:  frustration, relief, concern and confirmation.

I’ve been frustrated with my goals, choosing to not exercise in the morning since Sunday.  It’s just too painful!  I don’t know what I am doing wrong, but I cannot continue to do these same exercises day after day and be miserable and in pain all week long.  Life is too short to do that to myself.  I am thinking about other options and will make a decision about the new exercise routine sometime soon. Right now, I’m resting my back and leg, and I’m encouraged by the lack of pain I’m feeling. Earlier this week I felt my feet going cold. Not good. Pinched nerve or inflammation in the nerve back there, I’m guessing. I really do need to make that appointment with the neurologist. Ugh!

Relief has come my way this week in the form of less physical pain and a greater degree of satisfaction with my eating.  I’ve been watching what I put in my pie hole and I’ve been doing well with my food planning and calorie counting goals.  I’ve been eating intentionally.  Yay, me!  Its looking good for my 3 Goals Thursday update this week. That update will be posted late, though, because I’m speaking to a group of moms tomorrow morning about self-confidence.  I will be sharing about my goal setting experiment with them. Pray it goes well and they feel heard and encouraged.

I’ve felt concern this week for my son, who has been increasingly uncomfortable and frustrated in his work as a graphic designer.  His company was recently purchased by another company, so he is going through some of the growing pains my own company is experiencing at this time.  I have confidence that if my son jumps off this ship and on to another that is waiting in the harbor for him, everything will be okay.  But change is always hard and he’s my son, so I’m naturally concerned.  I think he is underpaid, but was appreciated in his current position (by the old ownership). The way things are looking for the future, his type of work will change to less creative, and more cookie cutter in scope with this new company.  If it does, that’s a deal-breaker for him.

I’m thankful for confirmation in response to our prayers for life concerns this week.  You know I believe change is possible, and you know I believe in God’s provision for my life. I don’t talk about it a lot, but I have a strong faith that I think comes across in my postings here.  This week, that strong faith has been rewarded with several confirmations that me and mine are moving in right directions as we are making choices that will most certainly affect us now and in the future.

Change is good.

Change is certainly possible!

Change challenges us to be better than we are now.

Change keeps us on our toes.

Change is to be embraced for its changiness and it’s potential.

I’m glad I’m facing all these changes with a strong faith in a Power greater than I to get us through.  Sure makes things easier when I know I’m not in this alone.

Have you had some concerns for the future this week?  When, if ever, have you had a strong confirmation of your faith appear when you needed it most?


2 thoughts on “Emotions are a Part of the Journey

  1. When you find an exercise program is causing repetitive pain, you must determine if it’s the exercise, manner of doing the exercise or the duration of the exercise. Always fall back to previous exercises that did NOT cause pain until recovery is experienced.

    Have you ever considered having a good qualified chiropractic physician evaluate your nerve pain? If it is a result of mechanical dysfunction, a neurologist will NOT be able to correct the issue. If the symptom is addressed with anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers and/or pain meds, the underlying problem can continue to degenerate. On the other hand, if a good chiropractic physician determines the cause is outside of mechanical correction, he or she can refer you to the appropriate physician for treatment. The symptoms you describe, I successfully treated and CORRECTED for many years. I would encourage you to consider this option.

    Glad to see the meals going well. Looking forward to you feeling better.

    • I’ve been thinking about making an appointment with a nutritionist at a nearby chiropractic office. Sounds like I need to do that and be evaluated for the pain. This pain is all consuming some days. I try to press on without pain killers most of the time, but wow-ouchy!

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