On Looking Stupid



One thing about me: I’m never afraid to ask questions, and I never worry about whether or not I will appear stupid to someone else if I do.


And I never turn away or belittle anyone who asks an honest question of me.


I think life is about asking questions and getting answers (or at least trying to), which is why I keep asking, and asking, and asking.

I’m kinda like that kid in the back seat who keeps saying, “Are we there yet?!”

Except I think I’m cuter and my questions are not quite so inane.

Then again, that’s me making a judgement call on my own questioning behaviors. Others might, and DO, feel differently.

I was inquisitive as a kid.

I’m inquisitive now!

I never quite outgrew the thirst I have for more answers.  I doubt I ever will.

My poor gramma. When I was a kid and came to visit, I used to go through her cupboards, snooping for anything new that might have been added to her treasure trove since the last time I was in her house.  She always endured my curiosity with grace.  She was great that way.  Oh, how I loved that woman!

Can you share a time when you asked a question that got an unexpected reaction from another? Did you ever pester anyone with your many questions?


Happiness, Joy, Balance…What??!

Last night I sat in a room with a bunch of women who “get” me.  They listen when I speak and they understand what I say. That can’t be said of everyone in the world, but with these ladies fear of sharing quickly drops away. I know I can trust them, and I know they will support me, no matter what.

Do you have friends like that in your life?  I hope you do.

Something that I shared at the end of our time last night has remained with me overnight. I thought of it this morning, when I woke.  I thought about it again on the way to work. I thought about it when I opened my computer and began my day job.  I was thinking of it again a few minutes ago…

Maybe when I left last night, the good stuff was just beginning to seep out of me, and I couldn’t finish what I’d begun. I was out of time.  Maybe that’s why I’m still thinking about it today, I don’t know.

I’m concerned that I don’t know the meaning of balance in my life. 

000wired differently

I wonder some days if I know how to be “happy.”

I know how to be intense.

I can “do” introspection.

I’ve learned loyalty to my skill set.

I’m good at critique, real good at it, but am I equally as “good” at experiencing joy or happiness, or finding balance between the hard and the easy of life? :/

I seem to spend myself on the hard.

When I look at the imaginary pie chart of activities in my head, it looks like I spend a disproportionate amount of time problem solving, as compared to embracing or creating joyful memories.

How do I flip the equation?

Maybe we all get in ruts along the way to here, and I’ve gotten in one that will take some work to get out of, I don’t know.  I just know that my default setting seems to me to be  something other than joy.

Can you relate?

Have you had to “teach yourself” to be more lighthearted, or are you naturally someone who levitates to the joyful side of life?  When have you wished you were wired differently?

5 Minute Monday


This morning I’m rolling out my latest challenge: 5 Minute Monday.

What is 5 Minute Monday?

Just this…

5 Minute Monday is my chance and yours to do something we have been putting off, avoiding, or thinking about starting before procrastination got in the way.  It’s our chance to follow through on projects that in the past have gotten sidetracked.  It’s a chance to begin again, start over, or just plain begin.

It’s a lil five minute investment that could lead to big returns.

Don’t believe me?

Let me share with you something my friend did last week. She’s been joining me in my TGT challenges, and last week one of her teeny, tiny goals was to walk 5 minutes every day.  She’s just getting started on her renewed walking program, but she is finding that a million things happen in her day that threaten to keep her from walking for 5 minutes.

I can relate.

Our world is full of distractions that can easily pull us away from what we said we would do if we are not terribly determined.  My friend is retired, so you would think she’d have plenty of time during the day to get in her 5 minute walking goal, but she doesn’t.  Instead, she has people pulling at her from all sides, knowing she doesn’t work any more and wanting her to do something for them.  In reality, their work.  She has a hard time saying no to them, especially when the work she’s asked to do involves grandbabies.

Again, I can relate.  🙂

On this day, it was nearly the end of the day when my friend remembered she had to go grocery shopping still, and she had not yet done her 5 minutes of walking. What was she to do?  It was dark out, she was pooped, and she still had to walk the aisles at the grocery store and get all her staples for the week.

Her solution:  She asked her husband to drop her at the front door and then park the car while she walked around the perimeter of the store for 5 minutes before shopping for grocery. Score!

Here is a case of my friend wanting to be true to a promise made to herself, but having to do so in a creative way.  She was thinking on her feet, and it all worked out. Woohoo!  Best of all, it only took 5 minutes to complete my friend’s workout and stay true to herself.  Her solution to a time management problem made me think, and during meditation (one of my goals this week), I was reminded how she solved her problem. I thought, “maybe I can solve my problems the same way.”

The idea for 5 Minute Mondays was born!

I’ve been thinking all weekend about what I would choose to do today for my 5 glorious minutes, free of nasty procrastination. There are so many possibilities and because my super power is indecision you can imagine I had a tough time nailing down just one 5-minute project to address.

I decided that today I’m going to spend 5 minutes reading literature that came with my new sugar meter.  I’ve had the new meter a while, but haven’t used it yet. Why? Because of dirty rotten, nasty, and disagreeable procrastination.  Today that changes!  Today I address this new meter and the info that will help me use it with a greater sense of confidence.

It’s only 5 minutes, right?  I can do that.

I can’t wait to hear what you’ve decided to do with your 5 minutes today.  Please leave a comment below and loop me in.  I’m excited to see how 5 lil minutes can change our day or week.  Let’s give it a test run today.

What will your 5 Minute Monday challenge be? 

Flexing My Five Minute Muscle

I spent five minutes this morning sorting through my bookcase and throwing away anything not relevant to my life right now.

Man, it felt good!

Flexing my 5 minute muscle in preparation for Mondays new challenge.

Join me for FIVE MINUTES on Monday, Jan 18th!

We’re going to get so much done, one 5 minute project at a time.

What have you been putting off and need to tackle?  Can you do it in five minutes?  

5 Minute Mondays Coming Soon!!!

change is possible-5 minute monday

Starting next week, I will be adding a new feature to the blog:  5 Minute Monday.

5 Minute Monday is a simple lil initiative being created as a response to an idea I had during one of my meditation times.

You all know about my Three Goals Thursday initiative and what I’m trying to accomplish through habit formation with that program (and if not, click the TGT title above to find out).

5 Minute Monday will be similar to that challenge, but broken down into even teenier and tinier modules.

In my 5 Minute Monday post I will challenge myself and others to do those things they: 1. Are convinced they could never do if they had to do them for more than five minutes; or 2. Have been putting off, waiting for the right time to begin.


Jumping rope or doing squats

Starting that poem you’ve been meaning to write

Putting together your budget for summer vacation

Talking to a new neighbor over the fence

Taking a walk around the block

Researching some plant-based recipes

It’s time to quit stalling and starting moving!!!

What I’m hoping to accomplish for myself with 5 Minute Monday is a series of WINS, which you all know I love, and a sense that together, we all can do those things we might not have thought we could do, especially when we know we only have to do them for a mere 5 minutes.

We can do this!!!

So, starting on Monday, January 18th, I will be sharing with my readers a new 5-minute challenge each Monday, and I’ll be working on that challenge myself. I’m hoping that in response you will all share your own challenges with me.

There’s got to be something you’ve been putting off, right?  Let’s tackle that (or at least whittle away at it for five minutes), on Monday next week!

Note: This challenge isn’t about doing dirty jobs–there’s another guy out there who owns that shtick, and he’s way more entertaining than me. No, 5 Minute Monday will be about getting motivated, moving, and making one teeny, tiny goal at the beginning of each week, then following through with that teeny, tiny plan in order to build a series of teeny, tiny, but potentially life-changing scenarios wherein YOU win, again and again, and again!!!

Are you with me? 

Let’s crush this thing.  Let’s own Monday!!!

What teeny, tiny thing can you do, for 5 minutes only, this coming Monday?  When have you seen little, incremental changes add up to big benefits for you?

TGT mast headThis morning was a rough one.  I did not want to get out of bed.  I did not want to do my exercise.  I did not want to think about posting three goals and getting started on meeting them. I did not want…

What did I do when I didn’t want to do anything?  I just did it!

I got up anyway, albeit reluctantly.

I did my exercises anyway, although not with as much gusto as in previous days.

I packed my oatmeal anyway.

I praised the Lord that I have another chance to fight this fight against the status quo another day and I began my day, any way!

Why did I do all the things I didn’t want to do today?

I did them because habits are built when we repeatedly do those things that support our goals, and I want to support my goals.  Moreover, I want to achieve my goals. I may not go at them with the same gusto every day, but dang, I am committed to seeing them completed for the week.  Part of my commitment comes from You.

Yep, you heard me right. YOU keep me on track.  On those days when I don’t want to do what I ought to do I think of my goals, and I think of the habits that still need to be built, and I think of You, those beautiful, wonderful, brilliant, and loving musk oxen out there who I am accountable to each week when another Thursday rolls around and I once again post my results from last week’s goal setting session.


You are one piece of my three prong approach to health and wellness–that community that means so much to someone struggling to get better.


1. Buy new shoes for work.

2. Embrace the future at work with excitement and joy by being receptive, creative, and fun to be around this week.

3.  Continue on with exercise, oatmeal, and embracing a healthy lifestyle. 

I gotta say that overall I did pretty well with my goals this week.  Better than good. Better than average.  I tackled some long-standing procrastination with my goals and got things done.  Yay!  I’m excited at how things turned out.


Goal No. 1 was for me to quit procrastinating and buy new shoes.  I did that. Woohoo!!!  I got the shoes on sale and with a gift card that was given to me, so they cost me NADA.  That’s a great price to pay for long-lasting, above average, pricey, but needed work shoes.  The shoes have not come in the mail yet, but they soon will. I will let you know how they feel on my feet once they’ve arrived. They are an exact match to the shoes I have now, but with new outer soles, new insoles, and new, shiny uppers.  I can’t wait to celebrate with a good fitting, good feeling new shoe!

Goal No. 2 was easy this week.  I often try to stay positive at work, and have been complimented on that ability when things get negative around there.  One thing that helped me to embrace the future with this new company this week is the sense I have that our old owner/founder (who by the way is going to be around for a while, after receiving a 5-year contract to remain as facility president), made the right move when selling the company.  In this economy and with the new Obama Care program taking hold, it is getting harder and harder for small corporations to compete and stay profitable. The company that bought us is a good fit for our culture and creativity, and they have resources and capital we don’t, plus, an exciting vision for the future. I’m excited to see where we will go in the next five years and all the things we will see on our way there. I hope I can stick around for the ride. It’s gonna be a wild one, I’m sure.

Goal No. 3 was met with enthusiasm by me this week. I called my insurance company and found a gym that I can join for three months for FREE. Score!  I also ordered an exercise DVD that arrived in the mail last night, also FREE (with that handy-dandy gift card, I received).  I’m looking forward to beginning with the new tape this week. Woohoo! Things are looking up over here in NEPA.


  1.  Continue on with my oatmeal and exercise in the morning.

2.  Try my hand at counting sugar intake this week.  I need to get a better handle on that piece of the puzzle.

3.  Be more intentional about checking my BGLs.

I had a bit of a scare this week and a lil reprimand.  When I went for my annual eye exam, my doc talked to me about blood levels because he saw that I had a bit of a darkness over one eye upon initial inspection of the ole peepers.  After adding drops to dilate the eye and get a closer look, he said I had the very beginnings of a cataract.

Woohoo, and WHHHAAAAT?!!!!

Stupid golden years, anyway. What good are they to me?!

Still, this got my attention!!!

Doc talked about the back of my eye looking like a paradise and he had no recommendation beyond getting new glasses for the new year, but I heard what he said about possible damage due to T2D, and I took it seriously. This week I am making a concerted effort to keep better track of my levels and my diet. That will be my goal, along with trying out that new exercise video.

I’ll stop back during the week and let you know how it goes. Until then…

What teeny, tiny goal do you need to set for yourself this week, that will keep you moving forward in life?  Do you have a big goal that needs to be whittled down to size?  How will you do that this week?


Galentine’s Day!

You’ll never know how many times I’ve wished to use the comment depicted in this picture, but was afraid my friends wouldn’t “get” the reference.

000change is possible blog-Musk Ox

I was invited to my very first local and home-grown Galentine’s Day celebration last week.  Woohoo!!!   It will take place on February 13th and I can’t wait!

To all those beautiful, talented, brilliant and powerful Musk Oxen out there reading this today, remember: You are loved and YOU CAN!!!!

To all you guys, and those who don’t know what Galentine’s Day is, a video to explain…

I’ve wanted to host my own Galentine’s Day party for at least two years now, but because I am basically a socially shy creature and not all that talented or brilliant or musk-oxy when it comes to party planning, I have not done it. Maybe after I see how this one goes, I will. 🙂

Have you ever celebrated Galentine’s Day with your girls?  If you’re of the male persuasion, do you get together with the guys and do anything special during the year?