To Remember Me By


Here we are: Mr and me in all our blurry glory!

Sorry about the blur, the lighting in my bedroom is not that great, so my camera struggled to get this right.

My love and I had our pictures taken for a directory sponsored by our church.  We had not done this sort of things in years, and we decided to have fun with it.  It shows through in the images they captured, I think.

I usually take a horrible picture, but these turned out pretty nice.  Wearing lip gloss was a good idea.  It somehow made me sparkle, which adds to the illusion of beauty in the final product.  Okay, maybe not beauty, but a certain hint of youth that maybe might not be there otherwise.

Mr always takes an incredible picture. The camera lens loves this guy!!!  No kidding.

This shot shows the framing a little better…


I love the note as to when our “company” was established. We haven’t started a union in our company as of yet, never needed one.  We settle all disputes among us with single sticks.

It’s amazing what a good whack on the head can do to change one’s mood!

When was the last time you had professional pictures taken of you and your love?  Did you like the end results?

6 thoughts on “To Remember Me By

  1. Very nice! I can’t remember the last time I had a professional picture. Maybe accidentally photobombing at someone’s wedding 🙂

  2. The two of you photograph beautifully.
    I was 33 years old getting pictures to use for advertising my practice start up. Besides, wrinkles, hair loss and hair graying I haven’t changed a bit. 😀

  3. You too look brilliant and really happy! 🙂
    I usually have some head shots taken for applications but always look strange on them – messed up hair, crumbled shirt, spooky smile … But in 2002 my sis and I took pictures for my parents and granma and it was lots of fun and shows in the pics as well. Would love to repeat this some time.

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