On Site Bosses


The new bosses are on site today and tomorrow.

Let’s see what kind of mischief I can get into while they’re here!

Do you get nervous when you start a new project, or add people to a current dynamic?  When have you changed your mind about a new boss and thought differently of him or her than you initially did?


4 thoughts on “On Site Bosses

  1. Bosses had a tendency to let me do my thing. Once I learned a business, my brain always attempted to see what changes I could offer to make it run better. Since I knew (in many cases) there big concern was the bottom line, my ideas were based on actions rather than ideas requiring additional capital expenditures. As they got more comfortable with my work ethic, they let me do my “thing.” It became a win-win scenario. However, if a boss had to prove his or her superiority, I respectfully gave notice and moved on.

    • You are wise, Doctor!

      These new bosses of mine seem like decent fellows, every one. I am hoping that they will gain and not lose from their association with me in the future. I’m also looking for new ways to make their lives easier.

      So far, so good today. Woohoo!!!!

  2. And? Mischief Managed? 😉
    I’m always a bit nervous around my bosses and usually get a better idea of or feeling for them after a few weeks, when they start to show their character and it’s not all sunny and new anymore.

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