Three Goals

TGT mast headI will say at the outset of this post IT HAS NOT BEEN A WINNING WEEK WITH MY GOALS!

But, I have learned a few things about myself and my goals this week.


1 Continue on with my oatmeal and exercise in the morning.

2 Try my hand at counting sugar intake this week.  I need to get a better handle on that piece of the puzzle.

3 Be more intentional about checking my BGLs.


Goal No. 1: Bamm!  Excellent progress with this goal. A habit is definitely in place here.  I feel really good about that!

Goal No. 2: Average success. Maybe a lil below average, even.  I did pay some attention to the sugar intake this week, but I did not log it or journal about it.  My excuse, all the extra work I have been doing now that we have new owners at the business where I work.  That does not excuse me doing more to reach this goal on my off hours.  Either this goal needs to be even tinier, or I need to get my big girl pants on and put a lil more effort in-which one is it?  Maybe both!

Goal No. 3: Progress Abysmal!  BIG FAIL!  The closest I got to reaching this goal was to spend my 5 Minute Monday time reading the pamphlet that came along with the new sugar meter.  Ugh.


What I learned about myself this week is that I am wayyyy too resistant when it comes to monitoring my sugar; both intake and checking BGLS.  Not good!  This needs to be done, and it needs to be habitually done.

Living with T2D, sugar is a big deal. 

This disease can take you down if you don’t pay attention and do what you need to do.

I have experienced a couple sugar lows at night recently, as noted in my body and symptoms, but when I did, I did not check my levels. I just ate something.

I need to do better!

I will do better, but it will take some doing on my part and a tinier goal to get me there.


1 I will increase exercise from 16 to 18 minutes each day.

2 I will find someone to be an accountability partner for me when counting sugar intake this week.  All I will require at this point is that I log when I have eaten sugary substances and that I share that log with someone. This goal only requires me to find that person who will help me, but if I want to do more, I can.

3 Watch a You Tube video on the best way to use the new glucose monitor, and try using it once this week. This goal will only require me to try something new once, and not seven times in the week.  Maybe this is teeny, tiny enough for me to find myself winning over dreaded resistance.

I do not want to fall into a lackadaisical lifestyle with this disease.  I can’t afford that!

As you know, these teeny, tiny goals I set for myself each week are all about starting and continuing habits that will help me do what I should (or want), in life, without constant effort to make it happen.

I like easy.

I want easy.

Not everything in life can be easy, but some things can. 

If I can make more things easy and develop more healthy habits, I will accomplish more in my life and have better control over me.  I want to accomplish more, and I want to do what I already do better!

What have you been resisting, that you know would make your life easier?  Who is that accountability partner in your life, and how did you choose them?





10 thoughts on “Three Goals

  1. I’ve been resisting eating oatmeal!!! I know I should because: 1) I’m anemic and NEED the iron, 2) fiber and good for your heart and all the other things, 3) it’s CHEAP and I’m pretty broke. Reasons I don’t eat it include: 1) I don’t like it, 2) OOOOOOH BAGELS AND HUMMUS I WANT THAT.

    How did you start eating oatmeal? What do you do to it to make it less…oatmeal-y???

    • I hear ya, girl! Bagels, yum, but oh what they do to my body and not just in sugar spikes. They sit inside me like rocks. Oatmeal, not like that. I eat a baked oatmeal that I make with natural applesauce, raw sugar, and nuts n apples. Sometimes I add raisins n seeds too. It is so good, more like a cookie or cake than a soggy bowl of fiber, which I happen to love, too.

      I will share the recipe tomorrow. Sooooo good!

      • You are the SOLUTION girl!! It’s not always about winning; it is ALWAYS about LEARNING! When something doesn’t work you approach it from a “different angle” to make it work (if it is important.) I think your solutions to the poor results of sugar journaling and testing is perfect. Accountability will work well with your personality. The one testing for the week is also very achievable. You know you won’t want to write in your blog that this goal was unsuccessful two weeks in a row. You have learned the art of self understanding and created the tools (solutions) needed to accomplish the goals.

      • No one has ever called me SOLUTION GIRL before! Where can I find a dozen just like you? I want to fill my neighborhood with your kind, so I’m never without a life coach in a clinch!

        But seriously, thank you! And you’re right, I won’t want to report failure two weeks in a row! No Wayyyyyy!

    • Do you like cinnamon? Do you like blueberries and raspberries? Do you like stevia? These are some things that go well in oatmeal that dramatically change the texture and flavor of plain oatmeal. Steel cut oatmeal also changes the texture if that is a problem. Just some alternatives to try to help add a good healthy product to your arsenal.

  2. I have a close friend whose type 2 Diabetes has carried her to deaths door. Just yesterday the ambulance took her to the ER again. Please don’t take this problem lightly.

    • That sucks! I’m sorry your friend is having so much trouble with her sugar levels. Right now, I’m controlling mine through diet, but it is hard and is it realistic that I can forever??? Wish I had known how to eat better back in the day–maybe I could have dodged this bullet. I doubt it, though. Gram, mom, sis, aunt all struggled with it. Ugh!

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