On Looking Stupid



One thing about me: I’m never afraid to ask questions, and I never worry about whether or not I will appear stupid to someone else if I do.


And I never turn away or belittle anyone who asks an honest question of me.


I think life is about asking questions and getting answers (or at least trying to), which is why I keep asking, and asking, and asking.

I’m kinda like that kid in the back seat who keeps saying, “Are we there yet?!”

Except I think I’m cuter and my questions are not quite so inane.

Then again, that’s me making a judgement call on my own questioning behaviors. Others might, and DO, feel differently.

I was inquisitive as a kid.

I’m inquisitive now!

I never quite outgrew the thirst I have for more answers.  I doubt I ever will.

My poor gramma. When I was a kid and came to visit, I used to go through her cupboards, snooping for anything new that might have been added to her treasure trove since the last time I was in her house.  She always endured my curiosity with grace.  She was great that way.  Oh, how I loved that woman!

Can you share a time when you asked a question that got an unexpected reaction from another? Did you ever pester anyone with your many questions?


16 thoughts on “On Looking Stupid

  1. My dad asks a lot of questions, and he’s been accused of asking too many. I look at it this way. I think it’s important to ask questions and to find answers. I try to find answers to my questions by putting in the work and time to answer them. If I can’t, I will ask others for an answer. I do have an issue with lazy people that ask questions that they could easily answer on their own. Does that make sense to you?

    • Perfect sense! I love that your dad isn’t afraid to ask when he wonders. Yay, him!!!

      I’m not averse to foraging on my own for answers, but I do love to hear the experiences of others. There is so much wisdom floating around out there in the wide world, and I want to know it, and hear about it, and experience it. Not all of it, but a lot of it!!

      Also, Google is my best friend most days. Oh, the things I learn while surfing… 😉

  2. I asked many questions as a student in Chiropractic College. Like you, I asked questions to better understand. Some took it as a challenge. This was not the intent. Questions show concern. They should be viewed in a positive manner and help all of us share perspectives. It’s not always about right and wrong; sometimes it’s about understanding WHY?

    • Have you ever read the book, The Great Divorce, by CS Lewis? It has nothing to do with marital separation. In it, Lewis creates a character that endlessly asks questions for the sake of argument. My grandfather was like that. That man loved to argue. I don’t ask for that reason–for controversial reasons–but I am often reminded because of Lewis’ work to keep my questions relevant and sincere. It’s a good thing.

      Ask for good reasons, Lori. Ask for good reasons!

    • In medical school, I thought a professor had made an error confusing two antibiotics. I asked him, isn’t (blank) the correct one? His answer, “I’m the one asking the questions here!”

  3. Oh, this is great. I love asking questions, because I hate to not understand how things work and it’s absolutely irritating for me when people answer me something like “because it’s what we always do.” I hope you’ll never stop asking no matter what’s the topic, it’s always good to know, explore and stay curious 🙂

      • I know I will. Can’t wait to get them and put them on the wall. I think I’m going to share one of them with the office crew, hanging it in the reception area. I bet I get a lot of folks saying, “Did you take that picture?” I will reply, “No, my talented, amahzing, international blogging buddy, Hanni, did. She’s got an eye, doesn’t she? So amahzing!!!!”

        I ordered the bunny drawing as one of my prints. Love it! I have someone special in mind for that one. A gift, me thinks. He’ll love it! He’s an artist, too!

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