5 Minute Mondays Coming Soon!!!

change is possible-5 minute monday

Starting next week, I will be adding a new feature to the blog:  5 Minute Monday.

5 Minute Monday is a simple lil initiative being created as a response to an idea I had during one of my meditation times.

You all know about my Three Goals Thursday initiative and what I’m trying to accomplish through habit formation with that program (and if not, click the TGT title above to find out).

5 Minute Monday will be similar to that challenge, but broken down into even teenier and tinier modules.

In my 5 Minute Monday post I will challenge myself and others to do those things they: 1. Are convinced they could never do if they had to do them for more than five minutes; or 2. Have been putting off, waiting for the right time to begin.


Jumping rope or doing squats

Starting that poem you’ve been meaning to write

Putting together your budget for summer vacation

Talking to a new neighbor over the fence

Taking a walk around the block

Researching some plant-based recipes

It’s time to quit stalling and starting moving!!!

What I’m hoping to accomplish for myself with 5 Minute Monday is a series of WINS, which you all know I love, and a sense that together, we all can do those things we might not have thought we could do, especially when we know we only have to do them for a mere 5 minutes.

We can do this!!!

So, starting on Monday, January 18th, I will be sharing with my readers a new 5-minute challenge each Monday, and I’ll be working on that challenge myself. I’m hoping that in response you will all share your own challenges with me.

There’s got to be something you’ve been putting off, right?  Let’s tackle that (or at least whittle away at it for five minutes), on Monday next week!

Note: This challenge isn’t about doing dirty jobs–there’s another guy out there who owns that shtick, and he’s way more entertaining than me. No, 5 Minute Monday will be about getting motivated, moving, and making one teeny, tiny goal at the beginning of each week, then following through with that teeny, tiny plan in order to build a series of teeny, tiny, but potentially life-changing scenarios wherein YOU win, again and again, and again!!!

Are you with me? 

Let’s crush this thing.  Let’s own Monday!!!

What teeny, tiny thing can you do, for 5 minutes only, this coming Monday?  When have you seen little, incremental changes add up to big benefits for you?


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