TGT mast headThis morning was a rough one.  I did not want to get out of bed.  I did not want to do my exercise.  I did not want to think about posting three goals and getting started on meeting them. I did not want…

What did I do when I didn’t want to do anything?  I just did it!

I got up anyway, albeit reluctantly.

I did my exercises anyway, although not with as much gusto as in previous days.

I packed my oatmeal anyway.

I praised the Lord that I have another chance to fight this fight against the status quo another day and I began my day, any way!

Why did I do all the things I didn’t want to do today?

I did them because habits are built when we repeatedly do those things that support our goals, and I want to support my goals.  Moreover, I want to achieve my goals. I may not go at them with the same gusto every day, but dang, I am committed to seeing them completed for the week.  Part of my commitment comes from You.

Yep, you heard me right. YOU keep me on track.  On those days when I don’t want to do what I ought to do I think of my goals, and I think of the habits that still need to be built, and I think of You, those beautiful, wonderful, brilliant, and loving musk oxen out there who I am accountable to each week when another Thursday rolls around and I once again post my results from last week’s goal setting session.


You are one piece of my three prong approach to health and wellness–that community that means so much to someone struggling to get better.


1. Buy new shoes for work.

2. Embrace the future at work with excitement and joy by being receptive, creative, and fun to be around this week.

3.  Continue on with exercise, oatmeal, and embracing a healthy lifestyle. 

I gotta say that overall I did pretty well with my goals this week.  Better than good. Better than average.  I tackled some long-standing procrastination with my goals and got things done.  Yay!  I’m excited at how things turned out.


Goal No. 1 was for me to quit procrastinating and buy new shoes.  I did that. Woohoo!!!  I got the shoes on sale and with a gift card that was given to me, so they cost me NADA.  That’s a great price to pay for long-lasting, above average, pricey, but needed work shoes.  The shoes have not come in the mail yet, but they soon will. I will let you know how they feel on my feet once they’ve arrived. They are an exact match to the shoes I have now, but with new outer soles, new insoles, and new, shiny uppers.  I can’t wait to celebrate with a good fitting, good feeling new shoe!

Goal No. 2 was easy this week.  I often try to stay positive at work, and have been complimented on that ability when things get negative around there.  One thing that helped me to embrace the future with this new company this week is the sense I have that our old owner/founder (who by the way is going to be around for a while, after receiving a 5-year contract to remain as facility president), made the right move when selling the company.  In this economy and with the new Obama Care program taking hold, it is getting harder and harder for small corporations to compete and stay profitable. The company that bought us is a good fit for our culture and creativity, and they have resources and capital we don’t, plus, an exciting vision for the future. I’m excited to see where we will go in the next five years and all the things we will see on our way there. I hope I can stick around for the ride. It’s gonna be a wild one, I’m sure.

Goal No. 3 was met with enthusiasm by me this week. I called my insurance company and found a gym that I can join for three months for FREE. Score!  I also ordered an exercise DVD that arrived in the mail last night, also FREE (with that handy-dandy gift card, I received).  I’m looking forward to beginning with the new tape this week. Woohoo! Things are looking up over here in NEPA.


  1.  Continue on with my oatmeal and exercise in the morning.

2.  Try my hand at counting sugar intake this week.  I need to get a better handle on that piece of the puzzle.

3.  Be more intentional about checking my BGLs.

I had a bit of a scare this week and a lil reprimand.  When I went for my annual eye exam, my doc talked to me about blood levels because he saw that I had a bit of a darkness over one eye upon initial inspection of the ole peepers.  After adding drops to dilate the eye and get a closer look, he said I had the very beginnings of a cataract.

Woohoo, and WHHHAAAAT?!!!!

Stupid golden years, anyway. What good are they to me?!

Still, this got my attention!!!

Doc talked about the back of my eye looking like a paradise and he had no recommendation beyond getting new glasses for the new year, but I heard what he said about possible damage due to T2D, and I took it seriously. This week I am making a concerted effort to keep better track of my levels and my diet. That will be my goal, along with trying out that new exercise video.

I’ll stop back during the week and let you know how it goes. Until then…

What teeny, tiny goal do you need to set for yourself this week, that will keep you moving forward in life?  Do you have a big goal that needs to be whittled down to size?  How will you do that this week?


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  1. Sorry you have to struggle at times, Lori.

    I felt lousy this morning, and it was cold for here, but I ran anyway. I’m also grateful for every day!

  2. Persistence, I love it!!! Absolutely required to get through those days we just don’t feel like applying the effort. Once we do it, it feels wonderful. Gaining control over our thoughts and actions. Provides great motivation for all that follows. Well done!

    • Thanks! It does ALWAYS feel better once I’m done than when I’ve begun.

      Through habit building, I’m getting to say what I do these days, instead of my lazy butt directing the show. 😉

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