Three Goals in 2016

ThreeGoals-AlternativeHappy Thursday and Happy 2016!

It’s time for my first Three Goals Thursday post of the new year. Woohoo!

Before I name my three teeny, tiny goals for this week, allow me to update you on my progress with my goals since my last posting, and direct newcomers to my initiative to the TGT page, where you can learn all about what I’m doing every Thursday of the month on my blog.

Like millions of other people, over the holiday break I went to bed late, got up early, logged a lot of highway miles (for us it was driving between our country mouse dwellings and the city mouse’s condo in the north country), and enjoyed family, friends, and lots and lots of good food.

My favorite treat of the season: plum pudding an extended family member made for me.

My favorite gift: a steam punk drawing my son made for me.

My favorite activity: a trip to the mall with the wee-ist of us all, where we visited an ice castle, rode the carousel, and hung out in the community play pit while everyone else but Mr went to see the new Star Wars movie. Mr went with Beanie and me to the play pit. You know he’s not going to miss out on that kinda action. No way! 😉

Thinking about what I might choose to do for my first TGT posting of the new year, I was tempted to become overwhelmed. Tempted, but I did not take the bait. Instead, I put things in perspective by reminding myself that my goals are teeny, tiny goals, and not goals that need to be worried over, concerned about, or anxiety-inducing in any way. They are simple three teeny, tiny things I am committing to do this week to move myself forward in the new year.

Just that!

Here are the three teeny, tiny goals I came up with for this week, and an explanation for why they are not habit-forming goals this time around. Habit is usually what I’m going for with my goals, but not this time.


1. Buy new shoes for work. This is on my list this week because for months now I have resisted pulling the trigger on new work shoes because of the investment of money involved. I hate paying big prices for shoes (definitely not a clothes-horse kinda gal), but when you consider all the particulars of a work life, at least the kinda work I do, shoes and chairs become ultimately important. Oh, and computers and phones. I’m office manager to a powerful group of engineers who are brilliant and forward moving individuals. I need to be brilliant and forward moving in my accessories in this position. This week, I commit to buying new shoes, on sale if possible, but with or without a discounted price attached.

2. Embrace the future at work with excitement and joy by being receptive, creative, and fun to be around this week. This goal is harder to define than the other two on my list this week, but it is maybe the most important of the three. The big change at work that I had been talking about can now be revealed. We were purchased by another company, the deal having been done and closed on December 30th of last year. What this change means for me is that I now get to work with two sets of brilliant bosses with two sets of goals for themselves, with two different ways of reaching their individual and corporate bull’s eyes. Challenging, to be sure, but not as difficult as it might seem and especially not as difficult as one can make the situation if one has the wrong frame of mind. Years ago, I would have faced these types of changes with fear, intimidation, and confusion. In 2016 I’m older, wiser, and certainly more sure of my God, myself, and my friends. I have a support system in place that helps me with challenging conditions in life, and right now I know myself better than I ever have. I know what works and what doesn’t work for me, and I spend a whole lot more time and energy pursuing what works. Makes sense, right? I’m not sure how I will measure how I’ve done with this goal by week’s end. If you have a suggestion, leave it in the comments. Right now, I know this objective needs to be a part of my working mind and work day, so I’m including it on my goal list.

3. Continue on with exercise, oatmeal, and embracing a healthy lifestyle.  This week I will also be adding to my health goals a search for options and partnerships that match my wellness objectives in the new year. I will gauge success with this goal by the number of attempts I make to contact gyms in the area, research Meet Up alternatives, and locate a few fun exercise DVDS on line.

I know this post is long and I thank all of you who stayed with me to the end.  2015 was a good year for us, wasn’t it?  2016 promises to be even better!  Can’t wait to see how it all pans out.  🙂

Remember: This year will be what you make of it.  Live intentionally!

What goals do you have for the new year? What teeny, tiny changes will you make this week that will sky-rocket you to the next phase in your awesome, beautiful, and unbelievably blessed “tomorrow land”?


14 thoughts on “Three Goals in 2016

  1. Good luck with pursuing your work goals and successfully satisfying your needs while satisfying the needs of two bosses.
    Just a little suggestion. When establishing your teeny tiny goals, why not place them in priority of importance. This will likely move your 3rd goal (in this post) up to the number one spot (if you agree with me) where it belongs. This helps reinforce your priorities and helps you stay focused.

    • Good point! I think they won the spot they were assigned because of the mental component associated with each goal. The shoes are on my mind all day every day, M-F. Goal number three is most important, but already being done on a daily basis, so not taking up so much mental space. That’s the gift of habit. I am unconsciously moved now to do what my body screams that I need. Yay! It’s working!!!

  2. I started moisturizing after EVERY shower this week! After 7 days my skin is feeling pretty great and I’m enjoying taking a few minutes each day to care for my body.

    • Good for you, Cheyanne! What type of moisturizer do you use? I’m an Aveeno girl myself, everyday, and sometimes several times a day, in the winter.

      So glad you stopped by and left a comment. I love your blog name: tangerine wall paper. My DIL’s favorite color is orange, and mine is red, so together they make tangerine, don’t you think? 🙂

      • I’m using almond oil 🙂 it seems to work well. I’m actually allergic to Aveeno and must be the only person ever with that problem! Haha.

        And thank you! My name is a reference to a combination of my favorite Led Zeppelin song and The feminist short story/ novella “The Yellow Wallpaper”. 🙂

      • Almond oil, hunh? I have used coconut oil before, but never almond oil. I’m always afraid to use CO when I’m going to work or have nice clothes on. Afraid it will stain them. Do you have that problem with almond oil? It is wayyyy more natural and without all the chemicals. Yay, you!

  3. Love your new goals for this week and I hope it’ll all go as wished and planned 🙂
    I’ve been constantly taking a picture every day and I absolutely love it, even if I wasn’t really in the mood. Hope to keep this little change up throughout 2016.

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