If days were books, and we, avid readers, the men and women of the world would have so moistened their fingers with saliva last week, that they’d have been “prunny” from flipping through cut pulp pages of a volume entitled, 2016.

Given the choice, would your copy of 2016 been a cookbook, filled with award- winning recipes, three-hole punched illustrations, and a chart meant to teach young cooks the precise amount of time needed to properly stew a chicken to juicy perfection?

Maybe your copy of 2016 would have been a travel guide, full of insider information about how to “save big” while traveling through Istanbul, Scotland, or Singapore.

If your copy of 2016 turned out to be a tell-all celebrity biography, you’re probably either fuming or blushing about now, and rightly so. Celebrities do the strangest things and with TMZ on the job their antics are captured digitally for the whole world to see (or in your case, read).

My copy of 2016?

It’s a how-to manual designed to help novice builders construct balanced and beautiful walkways through woodland lots, while losing weight and reclaiming their health.

Why, out of all the books in the world, would I want to spend the next year reading about the best way to build pathways to paradise?

That’s simple.

Of all the great, grand, and glorious things I might do in 2016, discovering how to move even a teeny, tiny bit closer to my goals appeals the most to me. If I can figure out how to do that, everything else will be a breeze; like reading the Sunday comics.

What book will you read this year? What do you hope to achieve over the next twelve months that can get you a teeny, tiny bit closer to your goal?

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  1. I plan to work on finding final retirement locations, developing powerpoint presentations for speaking engagements on topics of health and creating some personal time to lift my head up and SEE all that life offers.

    • Thank you!

      You’ll have to let me know how you find the book. It sounds like one that my son would enjoy reading; he speaks of Bill Walton often, but I have never heard him speak of Coach Wooden.

      Interestingly, I read this quote about the coach on “goodreads”: “…he didn’t care about winning. He wanted preparation, preparation, and more preparation in order to give maximum effort, to fulfill every last ounce of potential.”

      He sounds like someone I’d like to get to know.

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