Inertia, You’re Going Down!

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Inertia: A tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged.






Not for this girl—not during 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Assiduous: Marked by careful unremitting attention or persistent application.








That’s right!

This year, this gal is planning her program with assiduous determination and attention to detail, pulling from it anything that hasn’t worked, and incorporating plans, actions, and accountability methods she knows has worked for her in the past.  She’s also determined to master the art of food planning and charting.

Stepping into a new year with confidence in herself will take her more than half the way home.

DOING what she needs to do on a daily basis gets her the rest of the way.

Stubborn inertia, you’ve met your match in me! Put up your dukes. The bell just rang on round one.

Watch out, things could get rowdy ’round here in the near future. In fact, count on it!!!  Things are about to change!

What are you doing to address the effects of inertia in your life these days?  What plans have you made to break free of it’s crippling influence during 2016?

10 thoughts on “Inertia, You’re Going Down!

  1. Cheering you for 2016! Go girl 🙂
    And now I have to get off the couch and do my workout … I was so comfy. Where are you taking all this energy from? I have to force myself to even lift a finger currently.

  2. Whohoo! I’m rooting for you! My problem isn’t so much staying motivated. It’s staying motivated and focused on one thing. As soon as I get bored, I switch to a new passion – which means I never really make any progress. I’m always starting at square 1, which is interesting, but I’d like to make some progress this year…

    • Oh, man, can I relate. I used to be the queen of unfinished projects. My house was literally littered with them. I think I sorta went the other way when I realized this habit I had for beginning strong, but never reaching the finish line. I quit starting! LOL Not exactly the right way to go… 😉

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