Blank Slate

change is possible-identity stolen last week

My cousin sent me this cartoon at the end of 2015.  It made me laugh.

Well, okay, not laugh, but snicker, for sure.

Some days I feel like a blank slate, which can be good, but can also be bad.

One thing I know: I don’t want my identity stolen in 2016. How ’bout you?  And I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be anonymous, either. How ’bout you?

When have you heard a horror story about identity theft?  Has anyone ever handed you a blank slate, and if so, what did you do with the opportunity?

6 thoughts on “Blank Slate

  1. Mine has been abducted 4 times. I purchased Lifelock (I am NOT compensated for mentioning this company) several years back and it truly has been a life saver. Each breach was caught within 24 hours and terminated quickly without cost or credit damage. I believe credit protection is as important as any insurance we purchase.

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