Change is Mandatory

It’s New Year’s Day 2016 as I’m posting this message. I’ve been away from electronics for more than a week.  It feels weird to stop by the blog and check in after that amont of time.  I have missed reading posts written by those I follow and adding my voice to the din of bloggers out there in the WP world and beyond, but I have to say that I have enjoyed the time I’ve spent with kiddos and wee ones and family of all shapes and sizes this week.  We’ve done lots of discussing, lots of laughing, and we’ve washed lots of dirty dishes after eating lots of good food, deserts included.

I’m really glad for all the fun that the holidays brought with them, but I’m going to also be glad to get back to the routine of life that is commuting, and work, and regularly scheduled and planned meal times.

No one can live in the holiday chaos for long and stay sane, am I right?

I know I can’t.

I’m a lil anxious about heading back to the office after my vacation, but I have a few more days of doing my own thing to enjoy before then. I alluded to big changes taking place there in an earlier post, but couldn’t go into details at that time. I still can’t, not really, but I soon will.   I had planned my time off before we knew of the changes that were coming, so I took vacation as scheduled, even though it probably wasn’t the best thing to be gone during this time.  It will be me playing “catch up” when we return on Monday, but hey, when I think about the passion I put into my work and the passion and love I have for my family, its not hard to see why I made the choice that I did.  Wee ones trump work every time!

One thing life has taught me:  Change is not only possible, its mandatory!

I’m excited to see how the first quarter of 2016 pans out for me and my office suite mates.  I’ll share more when I know more.

Happy New Year, Everyone!  2016! Woohoo, this is gonna be our year!!!

What has you anxious about now?  What are you hoping for during 2016?!




One thought on “Change is Mandatory

  1. Yeah, 2016! 😀

    Glad to hear you had a great time with your family and my fingers are crossed for that upcoming change! Even if it shouldn’t be as hoped, I’m sure you’ll make the best out of it 🙂

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