Three Goals Thursday-Christmas Eve Edition

It’s the morning of the day of Christmas Eve in America! Yay!!!

Because I suspect you are busy with your holiday celebrations, and because I am so thankful that with all that busyness you still stopped by to check out my TGT posting today and because like me, I’m guessing some of you may still be wrapping the gifts you bought for others, I wanted to keep today’s Three Goals Thursday update brief.

That was a brief paragraph, wasn’t it?  😉


I did my fifteen minutes of exercise every morning (some days it was H.A.R.D. but I did it).

I worked at meditating and being consciously aware of the help that is available to me.

I counted calories all week, giving special attention to portion sizes and my desire to want “just a lil more” once I have had enough.

I’m happy for the progress I’ve made this week, and feel like I completed all my goals on time and in good fashion.

I feel like a winner as I look over my progress this week.

Here is my calorie count through Wednesday’s lunch. I will report on Thursday later.  I’ve got some vacation time to blow through this next week and I’m looking forward to spending that time with family and friends (Dec 24-Jan 4)! Can’t wait!!

Calorie Count for this week is as follows:

Thursday 1844
Friday 1295
Saturday 1528
Sunday 1943
Monday 1351
Tuesday  1705
Wednesday (excluding dinner)  750


1. It is easier for me to SEE what I’m doing when I write it down.

2. Calorie counting helps me MAP OUT a strategy for the future, as well as see PATTERNS that are developing with my eating.

3. STAYING THE COURSE isn’t always easy, but it can be as simple as setting three teeny, tiny goals each week.

4. When I feel discouraged, God PROVIDES someone to cheer me on and help me up and out. Those folks are so important to me and my recovery.

5. My inner dialogue with myself needs to remain POSITIVE. Negativity never got me anywhere.


  1. Continue on with morning exercise and meditation.
  2. Enjoy the holiday with family and friends!
  3. Laugh, Love, and Eat with an attitude of gratitude.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!! 

4 thoughts on “Three Goals Thursday-Christmas Eve Edition

  1. I hope you had an amazing and joyful Christmas with your family and friends!
    Love your goals for this week, I tried to keep up with my morning exercise, but my mom stuffed me like a Christmas duck, so I was mainly rolling around the Christmas tree 😉

    Enjoy your vacation!

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