Whimsical Wildlife

Hey there fellow bloggers,

I wanted to share a link with you this morning, but first an explanation.

I know Hanni, and Hanni knows whimsical.  Hanni also knows how to draw, and sketch, and paint and take amazing pictures.  She’s a renaissance woman with an adventurous soul, and I love reading her short stories and poems.  I  met Hanni when she began to comment on my blog. She’s an encouraging spirit.  Hanni inspired me, so I wanted to let you all know about a new series of art pieces she has put up in her shop.  I was captivated by her designs when I saw purple cat (below), and I think I like them so much because of their minimalist cuteness and simple lines and shading. But enough of my gushing about Hanni’s talents (I’m really envious and wish I could do what she does). What I really wanted to do this morning is share The link to Hanni’s gallery with my readers, so here it is. Enjoy!



Seriously, these designs are so, soooo cute. Check them out today.

In other news:  For those who had my TGT post accidentally sent to them this morning, my apologies.  I guess scheduling on that one didn’t work out quite the way I’d planned. Never fear though, while I’ve taken the post down for today, it will be back again tomorrow with Tuesdays calorie count included.

Again, sorry for the premature release of that Christmas Eve post.  It is not the morning of Christmas Eve in America today.  “For that, you will have to come back tomorrow,” she sheepishly said, with a slightly hot blush on her morning cheeks.  😉

Do you love whimsical?  Do you DO whimsical?

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  1. That’s so sweet of you! I even had my very first sale the other day, bet it was because of you 🙂 You’re the best, Lori! hugs 😀

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