A Lil Good News Today

Remember that song by Anne Murray: A Little Good News?  The guy who wrote that song attends my church. Imagine, a famous song writer rubbin’ elbows with me, right here in NEPA.  Imagine.

A lil good news today–that’s what many of us yearn for, and some of us work for it.  We amass our talents, humble as they may be, and we put them to work in the world with the hopes of making a dent in all the bad news we hear every day.  Most of the time our good efforts go unnoticed by the major media outlets in this country, but every once in a while we hear something that gives us hope.

Every once in a while we turn our heads to the Master of Hope, that lil babe that started life in a simple manger among the cattle.

This past Sunday I had a gentleman bring a clipping from the newspapers to the lil corner room where we weekly change the world through self-change. I wanted to share that clipping today, in the hopes of passing along to you a lil good news to you, my readers.  I hope you can see this well enough to read it. I know it scanned darker than I would have liked, but if you persist, despite the variants of gray that might make reading this clip troublesome, I think you’ll feel more encouraged when you’re done. At least that is my hope.  Enjoy!

000dont worry

What do you do when you’re tempted to worry, but don’t want to give in to that temptation?  What good news do you have to share with the world today?

6 thoughts on “A Lil Good News Today

  1. When I feel the pangs of stress, I have trained myself to step out of the situation (even if it’s only for a moment) and then re-approach from a clear head. I have learned that panic reactions usually produce horrible outcomes. It’s worth taking an extra second to see if an idea pops into the brain that initiates a better approach to deal with the situation. I have found great success with this approach.

  2. Your doctor was checking Google for your answers 🙂

    Now you know that article was very positive but not accurate. 95% of the population is not working. It’s closer to 64%.of the population that is working.

                                                            -- Dr. Scrooge
  3. Oh, I love this one! Don’t worry, be happy! And we all should, after all we’re really lucky to be able to live the lives we have and don’t have to scramble for pennies.
    I have a little wooden box, where I keep all my happy moments or things I love doing – written down on paper. Every time I feel too worried, down or unhappy I open the box and randomly look through the papers. It helps to remind myself that unhappiness is only a passing feeling and that it always gets better if you do something you love.

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