Habit is My Thing

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Do you have a thing!

Something you’re focused on right now?

Something that keeps comin’ back to you again and again?

Something that’s rattling around in your brain and won’t stop?

For me, that thing is habit.

I can’t stop thinking about the potential that exists for me, for you, for us all when we apply habit-building skills to our daily “to-do” list.

A friend of mine loves Joyce Meyer.  She’s not my cup of tea, but she is a major voice in the inspirational community at this time, and has been for some time.  She wrote a book on habit:000joyce meyerI bought the book for Christmas for a friend.

I bought it for her, but I cannot give it to her without reading it first.  Is that wrong?

Wrong or right, I’m doing it! 

I hope she loves the book, and the quiche that will come along with it.  Time will tell whether that’s true or not. I worry she will think I’m trying to send her a message by giving her this book. I’m not, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if she was able to change and shape her future by off-loading a few of her uglier habits and picking up a few good ones that are tailor-made for her?

Who doesn’t have a bad habit or two they’d like to get rid of?

I’m excited about what this gift might do for my friend!

I’ll let ya know how she processes the gift–after I read it.  I hope she loves it. I love, LOVE learning all I can about how to build strong and lasting habits in life.

You want easy? Build a habit!!!!

Do you ever use or read a gift before giving it to someone else?  What gift are you hoping for this year, and would you be okay with someone else using it first? 



3 thoughts on “Habit is My Thing

  1. Having been in your shoes and realizing that good intentions can result in dismal outcomes, I suggest you be certain your friend WANTS TO CHANGE the “bad” habits you refer to. Otherwise it can come across with a sense of superiority and righteousness. I think I know you and believe you want other people to be able to live better quality lives and experience greater levels of good health and happiness. Defensive reactions, however, (especially by friends and other people we care for) are common and need to be anticipated and avoided to achieve the best outcome for all involved. Just a thought before any actions are taken. Good luck with the outcome.

    • Ah, see, my fear is warranted. This is a good word to me today, and I thank you. Maybe another JM book would be a better choice for this friend. She knows I am on a crusade to improve MY life through habit, but I wouldn’t want her to think she must follow that same path. Goodness, no.

      Thanks for the feedback and your read on this gift idea, Jonathan. I value your opinion and think you might be right on this one. Back to Amazon I go. 🙂

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