Lost My Journal

000lost and found

This week I had a scare. I lost my food journal for a few days.

Super Scary!!


A.What if someone finds my journal before me? I have personal reflections in there about my food and eating.

B. What if I don’t find it before I have to report my food for the week?  What then?

C. Is it okay to feel a lil insecure without my food journal, cuz, yeah, I have come to rely on it for tracking my foods.

D. What if I don’t find it again? What then? I have personal observations about food and eating in there.

Yes, I worried twice about never finding my food journal again.


This week has been a stressful one for me. Well, really, for everyone in my office. Big changes are underway and they affect us all.  How big changes work themselves out in the life of a compulsive and emotional eater can be ugly.  Stress means it becomes one zillion times harder to stay the course with good eating, appropriate amounts of sleep, and the maintenance of a positive outlook/attitude.  I will confess to having reached out to a few others yesterday, the most stressful day so far, and having asked them to remember me in prayer.


Part of the purpose for me in creating this blog was to make sure I remember on a daily basis that CHANGE IS POSSIBLE, no matter where I find myself along my faith journey to healthy.  As long as I remain open to it, CHANGE is POSSIBLE!!!!


Interestingly, this morning’s meditations included a line that said something like this:  God is not limited by our lack of imagination.  I love that!  I often lack imagination with regards to my own abilities/progress/sensitivities to others, and my feelings about my abilities. That being the case, day after day I try to remind myself that the universe is a big place, stuff happens to all of us, I am not helpless (even when I am powerless), and I do have options.  Meditation quiets me long enough to recall that I’m not alone in this changing process, and that at any time I can choose to have a different perspective on an issue I face.  I have tons of wisdom at my finger tips–all I need to do is open up to it.  Yeah!

All this to say:

I’m glad I found my food journal.

I’m glad it is not lost forever.

I’m glad no one else got hold of it while it was gone.

I hope it never disappears on me again!

Change is possible–I just have to want it, to find it!!!

Have you ever lost something valuable to you? What was it?

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  1. I once lost a marriage. This marriage was never found, but 13 years later a re-friendship was developed. I also found my current marriage of 12 years. I am not a fan of losing things, but I really enjoy finding things. 🙂

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