Better Stay Healthy…

The following is an op ed cartoon that was in our local paper Wednesday night this week.  It graphically explains the serious expense that Americans will be asked to incur for prescription drugs if something drastic doesn’t happen in this country in the near future.

000op ed cartoon

Which of the above-mentioned symptoms do you develop when you see the total on your drug store receipt these days?  What are you doing to avoid having to take one more prescription drug?



3 thoughts on “Better Stay Healthy…

  1. Probably all of them and it’s so not a good direction from many doctors to simply subscribe you a tons of meds or some antibiotics if, e.g. you’re just having a little cold. When I was in the UK each time I went to the GP I ended up with a paracetamol prescription, in Ireland it was an antibiotics prescription, and I used to have a GP in Germany who preferred to not give any meds at all regardless of what I actually had. Very nerv wracking and irritating and I’m kinda worried it won’t become much better within the next couple of years or you have to put a huge amount of energy into finding “your” doc.

  2. I think excessive drug costs are the biggest problem in medicine!

    I suggest a buy no drug day when no one buys any drugs for one day as a heads up to the pharm industry of the way we feel.

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