Three Goals Thursday

000goalsThis week’s TGT post was typed on my new tablet.  I gotta say that I am LOVING my new Samsung Galaxy Tab A! What a step up from that netbook I was using before.  Night and Day, people. Night and Day!!!

As you know, my three goals for last week were: to continue with my exercise, continue with my meditation, and begin counting calories.


GOAL 1:  EXERCISE.  Did it every day, but some days were harder than others.  I felt compelled to get up and move most days, which tells me I’m on the right track with this goal, and it is becoming a habit for me. Yay.

GOAL 2:  MEDITATION.  Did okay here too, but this still doesn’t feel like a habit to me, so I will continue on with reading, listening, and opening myself up to hear God’s guidance everyday next week.

GOAL 3:  COUNT CALORIES. Amazingly, this goal was not a hard one to work on this week. Woohoo!!!  That is probably because the goal was so teeny, tiny in scope, but hey, whatever.  I thought this one would trip me up, but it did not.  I counted calories for each meal this week and I did notice a few things in relation to the goal and my attitude going into the challenge.

Before I report on what I learned about myself this week, I want to report my calories eaten each day.

Friday  (Office Christmas Party Day)  1978
Saturday  1556
Sunday  1224 (and that was with my PM skinny latte, yay!)
Monday  1778
Tuesday 1648
Wednesday 1759
Today  465, so far, breakfast having been eaten


This week I learned that I can do something I might not want to do.

I learned that motivation is an important part of any challenge involving doing something you do not want to do.

I learned how important encouragement is to achieving goals.

I learned setting goals isn’t a magic pill. You have to work at meeting those goals you set, beginning with being willing to report honestly on your successes and your failures.

I learned that it’s easier to do difficult things when you keep a positive frame of mind than when you merely “slug it out” in the trenches.  If you are set to try something new or difficult THING week, for crying out loud, try to have fun with it. Laugh at yourself and your attempts. Things go better when you keep your sense of humor firmly intact.

I learned that I probably need to make my serving sizes smaller for breakfast. I don’t wanna give up the oatmeal, because my body loves that stuff, but the calorie count is pretty high at breakfast.  What with the oats, the walnuts, and the milk, the count is 465.  If I make serving sizes smaller, I can get that closer to 375 and that would be good. My other option is to reduce the milk on  my cereal, or not use it at all.  We’ll see which direction I head this week.

This week is about trying new things and paying attention to sizing.  Size matters when you’re counting calories, and in some other ways, too.  😉

Finally, I learned that teeny, tiny changes bring gradual, but measurable results.  That is important for me to realize, because I have the tendency to want “it” now.  I can have it now, but only in lil doses, if my efforts remain small.  Important for ME to remember is that my goals are attached to routines meant to build habits, and habits aren’t built overnight.  They take time.  Mine are teeny tiny changes, so the results will not be BIG TOP results. Thanks, Jonathan, for pointing that out!


1. Continued meditation.

2.  Continued exercise each morning.

3.  Continued calorie counting, paying particular attention to portion sizes.

Wish me luck!

Do you alter your approach to habit at this time of year?  What favorite habits do you practice at this time of year, that you don’t practice other times (re: traditions)?

4 thoughts on “Three Goals Thursday

  1. Talk about diligent! Wow! You are on fire. Just out of curiosity, would it be difficult since you are counting calories to count out how many of the total calories are protein. I have a possible idea, but I need to know this number (as well as the total calories) you are already listing. Keep up the great work. Humor is important in the process. If you can’t have fun improving health, it makes it twice as difficult.

  2. Very well written! I’m pretty consistent with eating and exercise behaviors. It’s worth it to me because of the benefits it brings to my life. Basically, nothing tastes as good as living fit feels.

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