Goal No. 3

000counting calories

As you may have read on Thursday of last week, I posted new set of goals for myself that included counting calories for the next seven days.  It has not been easy, but I have been keeping a running tally of all foods eaten this week and the calorie counts associated with them.

Not easy, because I hate counting calories!!!

My favorite foods this week:  Baked Oatmeal with walnuts, Yum!  Star Bucks Skinny Peppermint Mocha Latte. Small, please.  Getting the latte was a treat for me and for hubs, who had not tried SPMLs before.  We were Christmas shopping and in need of something yummy to tide us over ’til dinner time, when we stopped for our drinks.  The lattes were delish, and the best news was that they were FREE!  Yep you heard me right, the computer at the SBs where we visited crashed after placing our order and the staff said it would take more than 15 minutes for it to reboot, so we were not charged for our drinks.


I’m gonna get real brave here and count down for you what I have eaten this week, for those who care about this teeny, tiny goal of mine (posted on Monday afternoon for Tuesday publication, hence the lack of dinner count on Monday):

Friday, Dec 4:  1,978 calories eaten

Saturday, Dec 5:  1,556 calories eaten

Sunday, Dec 6: 1,224 calories eaten (popcorn for supper)

Monday, Dec 7: 593, so far (breakfast and lunch).

See how those daily numbers went lower with each passing day.  What I’m realizing as a result of counting calories this week is that you eat a whole lot more when you don’t make yourself write it down.

No surprise, right?

I’m also recognizing that I need to drink a lot more water than I am.

The Encouraging News: I have not felt ravenously hungry since setting these goals.

The Discouraging News: I have not lost any weight while doing this. In fact, I have seen an increase, albeit tiny, in my weight.  I think that last fact is the reason why I can’t stick with counting calories for very long. The instant gratification from the act is lacking with calorie counting, at least for me. I have to find a way to reward myself that is not food related, if I have any hope of sticking to this plan. I won’t abandon counting for this week, though, because by now I know…

Actions speak louder than words!!!

I will keep on doing what I’m doing and see what results it brings.  That’s what setting goals is all about–being true to me, and trusting the outcome to God.

Besides, achieving this goal of counting calories is more important to me than losing weight.  Don’t get me wrong, I would love to drop a pound or two this week because of my efforts, but more important to me is finding some grit and determination within, demonstrated by being able to “stick with the program” all week long.

Three more days of counting calories to go, and then I may do an experiment in portion control. We’ll see.

How are your efforts to be accountable working out for you these days?   Do you count calories?

18 thoughts on “Goal No. 3

  1. marieandtheappletree says:

    Some grains and sugar add to inflammation making it hard to lose weight – unprocessed whole foods and gentle exercise

    • Thank you for the comment. I have wondered in the past if the oatmeal caused inflammation??? I don’t know. I only know my GI system loves it. Without it, I’m bloat-y and uncomfortable many days.

      • marieandtheappletree says:

        Yep I’m on a restricted diet because of inflammation issues and do intermittent fasting to lose weight – sugar just puffs me up xxxx paleomom is really interesting read

      • When you IF, how long do you go between meals, and what time of day do you fast. How often per week do you do this? I’ve had it recommended to me before by Dr. J, but I haven’t tried it seriously yet. I have fasted before, but that was before I developed T2D, so I’m a lil leary now. I’m controlling my T2D with diet and exercise, so far.

      • marieandtheappletree says:

        Fast Monday and Thursday and then eat lunch only – eat hot beverages and broths (clear) – eat as per normal other days

      • marieandtheappletree says:

        You can have calorific beverages that are clear eg tea and coffee and clear broth with your 1 meal

  2. Remember Diane? I do it the same way she does, portion control, (meaning I am aware of how much I eat), low fat, and exercise. I realize that now low fat is not as fashionable, but I set my sails many years ago, and I stay with what works for me, including what is called intermittent fasting, but what should really be called, intermittent eating. I didn’t plan or research any of this, it just evolved over time for me. I don’t recommend strict IF for you. Possibly an 8-10 hour window, I don’t know.

    • I have considered working toward a plan wherein I would skip lunch, maybe eat breakfast a lil later, at 9am perhaps, then do a fruit or veggie at 4pm, then supper when I get home. Maybe a protein at 4pm would be better. I don’t know. I’m thiking I would need to work my way to it, but why not try, right? What do I have to lose, right? Only pounds, right?

      I do remember Diane and stop by to read her posts from time to time. That’s where we met, wasn’t it? I remember your posts catching my attention many times. So glad for that introduction and how we have continued to encourage one another since that time. At least I hope you feel encouraged by our back and forth. I know I can be a stubborn pip sometimes. 😉

  3. To prevent your frustration with slight weight fluctuations while counting calories I suggest the following:
    Get on the same scale at the same time each day (meaning morning, afternoon or evening.)
    Add the seven days of weighing together and divide the total by seven. This will give you a weekly average. Compare weekly average numbers rather than daily numbers. Like the stock market, daily fluctuations can cause emotional distress. Weekly numbers will provide less volatility and give you a more accurate picture. Keep counting because it DOES help create accountability. You’re doing great!!!

  4. Aaarg, next time I’ll start catching up with the latest post instead of the oldest. So I’d have realised about your successful calorie count and not spammed you with strange comments. sigh
    But I think it’s really awesome you’re doing this and keeping it up! 🙂 Looking forwards to see how your portion control experiment turned out.

    • Yesterday was a test of that portion control thing, for sure. A child’s birthday party. Wish I had thought to prepare a HUGE salad for when we got home, but I didn’t. Still, I did better than usual with my portion sizes and food choices and skipped the cake! Woohoo!!!

      • 😁 neat! I know what you mean, somehow portion control let’s you hungry in the beginning. But I’m sure you’ll be fine soon 😊

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