Announcing: A New Page-TGT Explained

Hey fellow bloggers, could you do me a solid and check out my new page on this site?  I created this page to explain my Three Goals Thursday initiative for folks who are new to my site. Going forward, I will link to this page in my post whenever I want to share with newbies my TGT challenge.

Please also share this page with friends you think could benefit from Dr. Bowden’s book or their own practice of three teeny, tiny habit-making goals each week.

Thanks, you guys are the BEST!!!


2 thoughts on “Announcing: A New Page-TGT Explained

    • Thank you! I thought it would make understanding what I am doing a lil easier. I hope many others are encouraged to make a lil change to their plan–just a lil change–any lil change, because of what I’m doing. Lil changes put together in a row bring big results. I believe!!! 🙂

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