Office Christmas Party

000xmas party

Oh boy, here we go…

Today is the day we celebrate Christmas together in the office.  This year is a lil different than other years, but I can’t say why yet.  More on that later.

In actuality, there are two reasons why today’s Christmas luncheon/party is different from previous Christmas parties. The first reason I can’t talk about (see paragraph one). The second reason why today is different is because today begins my week-long challenge to count calories every day.

Will I be able to do it? 

I know I can, but will I?

We’ll see.

My promise to you:  Whatever I do, I will report on it.

I probably won’t bore you with what I ate today, but I will tell you my calorie count for the day, if I count those calories.

What do you think, will I count today and meet my goal,or give up and eat with abandon?  What are you counting, or counting on, today?

After party update (3:30pm): Things went well with the party. I watched my portions, counted calories as best I could, and did not overeat in any way.  No cookies, no red velvet cake, no sugar laden punch, lots of time on my feet, setting up and picking up.  I call that a win! 

Question:  How many calories is there in 3 ziti from a macaroni and cheese casserole?  😉


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