Amy Schumer


Have you seen the new nudes, or nearly-nude photographs, of Amy Schumer?

Amy has apparently decided that she’s going to let the world see what real, average, hot and sexy womanhood looks like.


Cuz I’m thinking that when Annie Leibovitz is behind the lens, the image produced is a far cry from real.  You can do a lot with lighting and expensive equipment, not to mention a small amount of chutzpah–which Annie has in spades!

I’m pretty sure we are still not being exposed to the real Amy Schumer.

On the other hand, if the image Annie has created of this celebrated and brassy blond is helping women come to terms with their own flawed, feminine body parts, then I’ll applaud the effort.

Amy’s bare bod on a calendar is no different than the years of beef cake we’ve seen promoting EMTs and Fire fighters, right?  And hey, who doesn’t appreciate a master at work?  Ya gotta give it to Leibovitz–she has mad skills.

Have you seen the Schumer photos for the Pirelli calendar?  Would you ever pose for a calendar project?


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