Hunting For Relief


Today I’m dealing with the dreaded drippy nose.  The constant inability to breathe that this problem causes makes it hard to sleep at night.  last night was night No. 2 with the dripppy/stuffy nose, and night No. 2 wherein I woke before the 5:30am alarm went off next to my head. Ugh!

I am so stuffed up! 

Off to the store I go today, to get some saline mist.

Poor hubs, deer season opened yesterday and he is dealing with the same stuffy head as me. He always gets this way, every year during deer hunting season in NEPA.  He sniffs and sniffs, and sniffs, then coughs and coughs, and coughs.  I’m sure the deer can hear him two miles away.  He rarely sees one, let alone gets a shot off.

This is good for the deer, but bad for hubs, who loves venison.

Me, not so much. I’d rather eat almost anything other than deer meat. Well, unless you count squirrel.  I hate eating squirrel, and woodchuck, and bear, and almost any kind of wild game (truth: I have never tried woodchuck or bear).

Give me a good helping of roasted veggies and I will be content. 

Adding insult to injury, it’s raining in NEPA this morning.  When I left home my man was still in bed.  I don’t blame him. He feels lousy, and it’s raining, and deer don’t come out in the rain during hunting season.  They find a soft pine tree and hide out until twilight.

Smart Deer!

I had planned to leave work at 2:30 today, due to a dental appointment. I’m getting my permanent crown on that lower tooth cemented today. Should be fun, not being able to breathe through my nose while having a handful of knuckles and dental implements in my mouth.  I hope my dentist has had his vitamin Cs and that I don’t sneeze while he’s using the cement. How gross would that be?

Right now I just want to crawl back in bed.

The good news:  I did my 12 minutes of exercise on the bike this morning!!! That’s what I’m talkin’ about. I toyed with not doing it, cuz I felt so crappy, but my discomfort was a 4 on the 1-10 pain scale, so I did the exercise anyway.

I’m learning. I’m working. I’m developing a habit!!  Woohoo!  

You know what they say, right?  It works, if you work it!

Do you suffer from sinus stuffiness in the fall?  Do you like venison?  What other wild game do you find tasty?


6 thoughts on “Hunting For Relief

  1. Quite a lot going on in life on a colder rainy day. Well, I will attempt to provide a tool for some relief of nasal symptoms. There is a product called AYR Herbal Inhaler. It can be used as often as necessary to help reduce the symptoms you mentioned WITHOUT causing any harm to the nasal membrane. You can look it up online and see what local supplier stocks it. This product will help reduce the misery of the symptoms you’re experiencing. Keep up the good healthy nutrition and keep the exercise (motion like walking) light in intensity to stimulate the lymphatic system. Follow these recommendations and I’ll bet you witness a speedy recovery! Wishing you (and your husband) the best in health and happiness.

  2. Sorry to hear you guys have been feeling down … but it’s like 2 weeks later now, so I bet you’re up and well again 🙂 It also reminds me of how much I have to catch up sigh
    Hope you’re dental appointment wasn’t too painful!
    Have a great day! Cheers!

    • I am doing much better now, both with the head cold, that did NOT turn into a sinus infection–YAY, and with the dental stuff. My tooth feels better and better every day!! Thanks for thinking of me, Hanni! The flu is going around over here, so I am washing, washing, washing my hands every day!

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