My Black Friday Schedule

20151127_143007Yesterday, my sister and I went out for a while looking for a few things we needed.  I hate long lines, so did not take advantage of many sale prices yesterday.  I did, however, wait in line at Starbucks Bucks for a sugar-free peppermint mocha latte.  So stinking yummy!

The line at Target was seriously two store blocks long.  No way I was fighting that for a 20% discount.  Noooooo way!

We stopped along route 86 in NYS to take a few pics.  This one is of the Chemung River as it winds through Elmira, NY.


We headed up to Sullivan’s Monument to grab a few shots of the valley below. Everything is pretty brown about now.

In the middle of that shot above is famous Dunn Field, home to many a hopeful lad, dreaming of the major leagues and celebrity.

I was experimenting with the camera on my new tablet, so we took more than a few pics.

I tried to upload some of these yesterday, but the cyber-sphere devils would not allow me access to my account.

Curse you, cyber-demons. You made me forfeit my goal of posting every weekday in November.  I hope you are proud of yourselves.

With the help of another I was able to log in today.  Woohoo!

Today, I started my day with 12 minutes of exercise first thing. I followed that with 18 minutes on the recumbent bike, while watching Walt Longmire solve another murder before heading out again.  Gotta work off that latte, right?   🙂

What did you do on Black Friday?  Are you someone who loves to shop in stores, or like me, do you prefer shopping on line?


4 thoughts on “My Black Friday Schedule

  1. Not a fan of any shopping. Married a woman who dislikes it more than me. (This was my proof that God existed!)

    When I do the math, that looks like 30 minutes of exercise to me. Looks like our teeny tiny numbers are starting to add up. Well done.

    • I love that you and your mate are so in sync with one another. When we stopped at Target on Friday, the line was literally half the way back to the far side of the store in length. Who stands in a line that long? Yet plenty did. I don’t get it! O-o

  2. Beautiful pictures, Lori! 🙂 Looks like you had a nice day with your sis.
    And big wow, you did kick up your exercise not only by a notch! Thumbs up!

    I’m also more into online shopping theses days, but I love window shopping and could spend hours just walking around the city centre or a big shopping mall.

    Have a wonderful 1st Advent!

    • I like to people watch too, Hanni. I could sit with a hot coffee and watch folks walk by me all day. I’m just fascinated by how they look, how they walk, how intimate they are with each other. When I was a kid, I made up stories about them. Nowadays, I just watch and learn. 🙂

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