Taking Turns


Today, I’m gifting my readers a lil pre-holiday chuckle and cheer, and a lil peak into my world, where things are often forgotten and humility is a dish best served warm.  Enjoy! 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

We went to your house, and we sat in the driveway.

We went to your house; there was nobody home.

We went to your house, for the day ’twas Thanksgiving,

a time when all hearts turn to family and home.

We walked through the courtyard.

We stood on the lawn.

We used your door knocker,

then started to yawn.

No mortals to greet us; no morsels to eat.

We suffered, with nary a tidbit or treat.

We’d brought sweet potatoes.

We’d brought apple pie.

We’d brought sugared berries; a cranny surprise.

We thought you’d be waiting, but oh, what a shock.

The curtains were drawn and the doors were all locked.

Did we get the day wrong?

Did we miss the boat?

Did we bake in vain; is that all she wrote?

Dejected, we left with our bundle of goods;

over the river and back through the woods.

I waited, all bated; my “comment” to post,

when I realized this year, it was our turn to host.

With cherry-red face and a hint of chagrin,

I opened the front door and bid you come in.


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