Three Goals Thursday-Nov 19 2015


Three goals is what I’m here to share with you today. Well, not really three goals, but rather, my progress with three teeny, tiny goals I set for myself for the month of November.

How am I doing with my November Goals?

I am doing well!

In fact, very well.

In fact, I am doing well with my goals in spite of…

–A continuing disconnect with a friend that has challenged me emotionally.

–Daylight Savings Time changes in NEPA, which have wreaked havoc with my sleep patterns.

–A pupper who continues to itch, scratch, and fuss because of what I think is a skin allergy, and in doing so is driving me crazy!

–Temptation’s allure to sleep in, skip my routines, or go at them at half speed and with lil enthusiasm.

As you might remember, I am making Three Goals Thursday a regular part of my routine these days in hopes of developing some eating and exercise habits that will unconsciously serve me in the future, and as a way of convincing my brain that when I set a goal in place, I WILL WIN!!!

The secret behind this training with the brain is the setting of teeny, tiny goals that are EASILY achievable. Setting such goals has become a habit for me, and the result has been that I am WINNING on a regular basis.

Woohoo, it feels good to WIN on a REGULAR basis!  🙂

This week I achieved my goals by…

Eating oatmeal for breakfast every day but today, and it is my plan to eat it for lunch today.

I exercised for 12 minutes every morning, before work, save one. On that day I was running late, so I exercised 6 minutes at home in the a.m. and then took a long walk about work. It was a beautiful day, albeit windy, and I enjoyed finishing my goals of 12 minutes of exercise before the sun went down.

I also read and meditated for 5 minutes every day this week, except today. I will do that at lunch time today.

One of the facets of success for me with my goals has been to perform the actions attached to them early in the day. That way, I don’t lose steam or give in to temptation to not do them that day. I allow myself the latitude to do them later in the day if need be, but for me, achieving my goals early is the secret to continuing success.

So, there you have it—My Three Goals Thursday report. I’m happy to say that keeping the same goals through November has worked well for me. I was afraid it would not. I was wrong.

000change is possible blog-time to make a change

What I am learning this week, as a result of my goal-setting?

–Even when I don’t feel like it, I can do those things I have promised to myself I will do.

–I am a WINNER EVERY TIME I complete a goal I have set for myself, no matter their size.

–I don’t have to allow feelings to rule in my life, because yeah, they are not dependable, AT ALL!

–Setting goals makes me 100% more likely to attain them, than not setting them.

–Forward movement demands a plan and action—so I plan, plan, plan, and then do, do, do!

Have you begun setting any teeny, tiny goals for yourself? What discoveries have you made about yourself, as you have been working diligently to achieve your teeny, tiny goal list?

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  1. You are also winning the battle of self control. You have become the “master” and dictate what your body and mind will experience. Its feedback helps fine tune your actions. This will provide greater happiness and fulfillment. Other people will take notice and ultimately ask for help with their lives. Nice to know I have allies spreading the message of healthy and happy living.

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