Pretty and Smart


First the smart: Vince’s quote, above.  Mr. L knows what he’s talkin’ about!!

Now, pretty.  The Orchid growing in my office:

000Office Orchid (10)It came to us as a tiny stalk and a few dark green and waxy leaves, and now look what it’s done.

000Office Orchid (5)Aren’t those colors wild?!

000Office Orchid (3)I seriously cannot believe this survived, let alone bloomed. Amazing!

Just goes to show that what seems like a hopeless venture can turn out to be an amazing piece of art.

What smart and pretty thing will you share with the world this weekend?  What do you find most attractive in this world?

10 thoughts on “Pretty and Smart

  1. Love that quote. And orchids are my favorite. I remember how excitedly my grandma dragged me to her bathroom to show me her blooming orchid one day. She was adorable. I’ve loved orchids ever since.

    • This blossom is a gift from God, I think. I have NO ability when it comes to growing flowers. I’m happy this picture triggered a fond memory for you. My gram grew African Violets, another blooming plant that is finicky, so when they blossom, its time for a celebration.

      I bet your gram was too adorable for words! I love gramma stories!!!!

  2. Love how nicely your Orchid is growing, looks especially beautiful in the last picture!
    You’re question is quite tricky, Lori. I hope to share something pretty this weekend, but I can’t promise anything smart though 😉
    Happy weekend!

  3. I like that saying. I had thought it was by Jack LaLanne at one time. I also like V L’s saying about fatigue makes cowards of us all.

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