The Grinder

000grinding it outNot long ago I shared with a group of friends my tendency to “grind it out” in the trenches most days.

Thankfully, I do not live my entire life this way.

Some days though, I’m that gal who assigns meaning and value only to those things that take a great deal of effort to achieve.

Why am I like that?

I wasn’t boasting about this proclivity I have for making things more difficult than they need to be when I shared at that meeting.

Instead, I was mourning my inability to escape the dour loop I find myself in some days.  I’d like to be more lighthearted and free in my approach to life.

Who wouldn’t? 

I was telling on myself at that meeting, and coming to terms with a deficiency I see in me.

Living a grinder existence every day is hard!

It can also be overwhelming for the people living with me.

While I know sweat equity isn’t earned by lying in the grass and gazing up at the puffy-clouded sky overhead, when I think with what intensity I go at some things, I say, “Sheesh!”

“Give yourself a break, will ya?!”

I’m always happy to hear myself speaking this way. I’m making progress!

Today, I’m taking life as it comes to me.  I can always be more intense tomorrow–no problemo–but I have to practice being less so.

Would you say you’re more of a grind-it-out kinda personality, or can you let your hair down and enjoy the journey most days?  When have you found hard work less productive than waiting for answers to come to you? 


4 thoughts on “The Grinder

  1. I have an unusual mix. I am always accused of being intense, but I do everything very slowly and methodically. Most high intensity people move quickly. When placed in an environment more conducive for relaxation, (ex. vacation) I can easily blend with my environment. My passion for health and wellness has a tendency to pull me back to the side of intensity. We are ALL works in progress.

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