Temporary Crowns and Jiggle Technology

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I wanted to pop in here this morning to let ya all know I survived my most recent dentist appointment. Somehow, I knew you’d be waiting with bated breath to hear.

Wait, you say weren’t waiting?

You weren’t thinking about me at all this morning?

You didn’t even know I had another dentist appointment this morning?


Okay. I understand. No problem. I’m not angry with you, but I do feel a need to fill you in on what’s been going on with my mouth.

You can read all about my past dentist visits here, here and here. 

This morning, Dr. Dent began the work necessary to prep me for yet another crown.  Dr. Dent is a pen name I use when writing about my dentist, and not a commentary on his driving record, just sos you know.

Anyway, I broke a tooth recently, a tooth that had already been rooted out in the past.  That created a good news scenario:  I didn’t have to have any numbing agent in order to have the procedure done this morning.  That’s always a good thing, but rarely the case with me, so I was extremely happy to not be pumped full of Novocaine this morning.  Being a dental baby, I usually want the full and complete package when I visit my dentist’s office, to include patch numbing agents and lots and lots of Novocaine.  We avoided all that today. Woohoo!!!

An aside: Have you had them use that clever lil gadget on you that jiggles your cheek while they shoot you up with needles?  Sooo cool!  I once read that the human mind cannot process more than one bit of info simultaneously (in quick succession, yes, but not at the same time), and I think it is on this premise that the jiggler was created.  This instrument works great!! It keeps your conscious mind focused on the jiggle, while the doctor sends the needle deep into your gum. A good deal for all dental babies, but…

…back to my story:

When the root canal was done on that broken tooth, before it broke, Dr Dent had suggested I get a crown to help shore up the outer edge of the tooth; make it stronger.  I had decided to put it off.  At $1,438.00, I thought I’d take my chances without the crown for a while. I was wrong to do that, but hey, that’s what comes of forest-for-the-trees thinking, people.

I could not see the crown forest for the root canal trees.

Today, I met the lumberjack, and he took care of that vision problem for me.

Prep for the crown was painless and over before I knew it, and the BEST news, when all was said and done I had a $414 credit on my bill.

You heard me right, people.  A $414 credit on my dentist bill! 

Part of the procedure did not have to be done, so I got some money back.  Yay!!!

I knew inquiring minds would want to know, so I hurried to post this update. I head back to Dr. Dent’s office on December 1st, to have the real, final, porcelain, costly, pearly-white-with-a-hint-of-tea-stain crown cemented into place.  You know I’ll be back then to update you on how it went.  😉

What amazing technologies have you encountered recently that took your thoughts in another direction?  What amazing things will you do for others today?


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  1. A credit??? Does life get any better than this? Glad to hear the procedure went smoothly. Hope you didn’t hop over to the donut shop afterward 🙂

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