Manly Monday

000sweatToday’s post is a caption contest.

What is she saying?

What’s he been doing?

Who are they to each other?

You decide!

Note: Winner of the contest will receive the coveted

“no prize” and of course, bragging rights. 


6 thoughts on “Manly Monday

  1. You were out sweating with the guys and now want intimacy? Keep the jacket because it’s gonna get real COLD in here!
    I wasn’t out with the guys. I just got through performing an 8 hour cardiopulmonary bypass procedure to repair a congenital cardiac defect. It was damn stressful attempting to avoid a postperfusion syndrome, a potential complication resulting from neurocognitive deficit during cardiopulmonary bypass procedures!! Like you didn’t know!
    I believe they’re transgender partners. I’m not certain though.

    The award to receive nothing means a lot to me. I hope my contribution exceeds the expectations of the judges and they in turn honor me with this non prestigious award. Thank you Academy for accepting my contribution.

    • Ha! She/he is being pretty hard on his/her partner in this scenario, but hey, it’s like that some days.

      Love your acceptance speech! This No Prize award is coveted by many, won by few, so you will be in an elite group, should you be so honored.

      Thanks for playing along on this Manly Monday morning. 🙂

    • I can’t believe I spelled “here” wrong in my response. Please do not hold this grammatical error against me when judging. Thank you once again for your consideration.

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