On being tough…

000toughI joined an accountability group this month.

My goals for the month may be different from others, though. 

My focus during November is on personal toughness.

This month, I will practice personal toughness by being accountable to others.

This month, I will practice personal toughness by being open to others reflections on what toughness means to them.

This month, I will practice personal toughness with me, but be as gentle as I can with others.

I’ve already screwed up once, with an individual that felt I targeted her in expressing my opinion earlier today.  I guess I did, but it was more about principles than personalities. Still, she was offended.  That was my first misstep with toughness in November. Let’s hope there aren’t too many more of those to tick off during this month.

I don’t think being tough is wrong, or something women should shy away from just because others don’t understand how they apply this trait. In fact, I think women being tough is all right, but like many attributes pertaining to the fairer sex, personal toughness needs to be handled wisely!

For me, toughness is defined as tenacity, long-term focus that employs good management skills, and being consistent with my goals.

I can do this!!!

How do you define toughness?  What characteristics of toughness do you use to get you where you want to go in life?

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  1. I associate words like persuasive, vigilance, committed and authoritative with strength. These words may be strong, but have a genuine beneficial purpose behind their meaning that adds a quality of strength that most people find attractive rather than repelling.

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