Dentist Update

This morning I had appointment No. 3 for my root canal.

You all know about my root canal saga, right? I’ve been whining for a while about this, mainly because I hate dentists.

Well, not dentists, per se, but dental problems.  You can relate, right?

Today, Dr Dent says we are good to go. He found the sneaky, conniving, hide-n-seek type canal in that elusive tooth and was able to clean (read: ream), it out.

He says, “I feel really confident about how that looks and that we were able to save the tooth.  You shouldn’t have any problems with that going forward.”


Is he right?  Time will tell, but…

I also have that other tooth, the one that I broke a piece off of Sunday night.  I had been stuffing gum in the hole that was left behind by the broken piece, so that the rough edge on that sucker would not cut my tongue.  Dr. Dent was impressed with how I had molded that lil spearmint putty ball.

000bracesI can be inventive when I need to be!

Note: this is just a picture to give you an idea of how the gum/putty ball looked.  My real gum/putty ball was stuffed in a molar, not a front tooth.

Prognosis for my broken tooth:  Crown, with post; $1,438.00!

That’s more than the root canal.

Seriously?  Seriously!!

Has to be done…so we scheduled an appointment for next Tuesday to ream out the broken tooth and put a post in it, and fill ‘er back up, and put a crown on the filling (dentist approved filling), but for now, a temporary filling was inserted, to the tune of $181 USD.

Can you say, Sticker Shock?!

And here is the best part of this story.  Approximately 3.5 hrs after $181 temporary filling took up residence in the space left behind by the “defector,” the filling fell out.

Yep, you heard me right.

Boop. Out!!!

So, here is my question to you, dear readers.  Do I tell Doc that filling broke, fell out, is in the garbage, and that I would like him to apply some of today’s payment to the Tuesday procedure, or is that just plain tacky????

Inquiring minds want to know, so please, chime in.

Especially chime in if you are or ever have been a dentist, doctor, or Arabian sheikh.

What do you do to unwind after a particularly stressful doctor or dentist appointment?  What is the boldest thing you have ever said to your health care provider? 

[Update 11/4/15 2:50pm:  After speaking with Dr. Dent’s assistant, I was told that the billing done this morning was for the filling of the root canal, and not the temporary filling on the broken tooth.] 



5 thoughts on “Dentist Update

  1. In my area the the cost would be about $2000 for root canal and crown together, I think the fees for service in medicine and dentist are criminal. I’ve actually been accused by local practitioners of not charging enough because it affects the standard fees for the area.

    • The tooth that broke is one that already had a root canal done on it, previously. I guess I must have decided to skip the crown at the time the root canal was done. Turns out that wasn’t such a wise idea. Now, it will have to be rooted out and a post put in, then Dr. Dent will build up the surrounding area before placing the crown. I think that is why it is more expensive than the root canal, but yeah, out-of-this-world expensive, and not exactly something I can opt to do myself! :/

      My sons were accused of charging too little for their artwork while living in Phili.

      I bake top notch pies, but you don’t see me charging $150 for one. Maybe I should bake one and take it to my dentist as a gift though. Do you ‘spose he would give me a break on the dentistry, if I did? 😉

  2. After reading your posts, I go to the donut shop next door to your dentist for coffee and donuts! 😀
    As far as bold offerings are concerned, I offered my internist a complimentary prostate exam since he was kind enough to provide one for me. Surprisingly, he politely declined. 🙂 . I was kind of relieved; so many fingers to choose from, so little time!
    Good luck with your follow up visits.

    • Reciprocity is important in all of life, this I believe, but yeah, trading services on prostate exams? I think you’re lucky that he turned you down. 😉 And please tell me who, as a lil boy or girl, decides to grow up and do prostate exams or pap smears for a living? I’ve always wondered that, and since you took us there, I thought I’d ask. 😉

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