I Broke my Tooth

000toothlessIt was quiet on her NEPA hillside.

The wind had died down.

The dog was sleeping peacefully near his master.

There wasn’t much going on at all, when out of the blue…

BAMM!  She broke a tooth.

That’s right, I bit down on the tiniest of food items, not even anything hard, and whammo, I felt it…that stomach-churning certainty that a small piece of my molar had just jettisoned itself off the side of the mother ship.

I hate this!

Now, I have Root Canal No. 3 on a right molar scheduled for tomorrow, and a crown that will need to be scheduled ASAP for a left molar that has rebelliously split on me.

I am totally, 100 percent, utterly convinced that by the time I leave this world, I will have financed the purchase of a new BMW for my dentist, not that any of that is HIS fault.

These lousy, traitorous, Judas teeth of mine are to blame!

[She wails, she cried, she stomps her dainty foot as she readies herself for yet another trip to the dentist]

Have you purchased a new car for your dentist with all your cleaning appointments, broken teeth, and root canals?  If you were a dentist, what kinda car would you drive?

6 thoughts on “I Broke my Tooth

  1. The situation has traumatized you so, you have forgotten to search for other solutions! What solutions exist other than a dental office visit? Well, it will require relocating, however, the south offers a temperate environment with the ability to blend in with the rest of our toothless population. Save the expense without covering up that wonderful smile!!
    (Disclaimer) My comment is STRICTLY for humor!! Southerners and dentists should NOT take offense!

  2. Too bad you can’t just have it fixed with Ketac cement rather than an entire crown if it’s just a small piece. Ask your dentist about that.

    • I hear ya! My teeth have always been bad. Judas-like betrayors. When they were in their formative state I suffered from recurring bronchitis. The meds I was given broke down the tooth enamel before the lil buggers could get out of the gate. Since then, its been nothing but repair, repair, repair!

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