My Horn Doesn’t Beep!

000insane-seniorThis past week I have had many opportunities to beep my car horn at other drivers.

So many!

There was the man in the street, who was trying to cross in his hoverchair, while the driver of a big ole truck sat in his way, giving me the hairy eyeball for not pressing on so that he could make his left hand turn.  I was not budging, and he was getting more and more frustrated by the nano second.  Finally, when my horn didn’t work, I signaled him by hand to make his turn.  Poor man in wheelchair, he was taking his life in his hands with that maneuver at that time of day. He made it across the median safely, but only just.

I also had someone pull out in front of me on a back road.  Another big ole truck!

You have not seen big ole trucks until you see them in NEPA! Wow. Big! 

We have gas workers here, drilling for natural gas veins, and the trucks they drive are H.U.G.E.

I also tried to warn some drivers at a dangerous intersection this week, when a woman trying to use the crosswalk was hidden from view to the cars approaching the area.  Stupid horn, would not beep. It is a dangerous intersection, with two busy parking lots emptying out into one busy street, and everybody wanting to be first in line to move.

And this, in front of the only hospital in town.  Ugh!

Several dicey situations with traffic this week.

One horn that did not want to beep.

An inspection of said horn revealed it worked, but only if you hit the steering wheel in the exact right spot.

Conclusion: I need to get me a bull horn for the front of my Buick, and hot wire it to my brain, so that when I think “beep” it blows!

Wait, maybe that’s not such a good idea.  Some of the folks I deal with every day have me thinking, “What a bleeping thing to do, what were you thinking!?”  I wonder if my hot-wired air horn brain invention would read that message wrong and go off in the break room?  [shudders to think of it].  😉

When have you witnessed a fender bender you wished you could have prevented?  How often do you use your car horn?


4 thoughts on “My Horn Doesn’t Beep!

  1. Get one of those horns that Harpo Marx used, lol That works everywhere!

    I rarely use a horn, except when I’m doing Harpo for Halloween.:-)

  2. Very cute story. Cars add incredible stress to our lives, yet no one is willing to give up the freedom they offer. My car once died in the middle of the hard top convertible coming down. My car looked like a frozen transformer.
    I take driving seriously because I have been associated with too many life changing accidents.

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