Great Cause! Great Artist!

Star Wars Geek Alert!!

I know an artist from cow country NEPA who is planning a trip to Haiti. She will be part of a short-term project on the island. She’s hosting a fund-raiser today, and if you are Star Wars geeky, like some of my fam is, you don’t want to miss this event.

The Auction begins today and will continue through Sunday.

I would encourage you to stop by Lindy Packard‘s Facebook page and bid on her art.  She’s psyched to help others. Let’s help her this weekend!

Disclaimer: Lindy and I are not related in any way, and I am not benefiting in any way from the sale of her artwork. I am supporting her efforts because of my appreciation for good art and a desire to help those with a heart to help others.

Here are some examples of the art offered on Lindy’s page today, shared with her permission:

Master Yoda.

000star wars 2The Dark Master, Vader:

000star wars 3The bot, C-3PO:

000star wars 5The Furry Friend, Chewbacca:

000star wars 4See what I mean?  These are great and home-grown, right here in NEPA.

Here is the link to connect with Lindy on Facebook:

Lindy, I hope the auction brings in lots of money for your trip. Thank you for serving others!

Are you a Star Wars fan?  What is your favorite character from the movies?

One thought on “Great Cause! Great Artist!

  1. They’re beautiful and truly amazing! I hope she’ll be able to sell lots of them for the fund-raising!
    I’m not a Star Wars fan-fan, but it’s definitely something I can watch over and over again without getting board.
    Have a great weekend and lots of fun at the auction! 🙂

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