Morning Has Broken


Part of my Tuesday morning commute in God’s Country.DSC_0692These pictures were taken from my car, while I was driving. 

I know, I know…

Disclaimer: Pictures should not be taken from car while driving in heavily populated areas.  Don’t try this at home.

Exception:  Pictures may be taken while driving in cow country.  Ask any farmer, they will tell you that folks from Bradford County are multi-taskers and pretty darn good drivers.  😉 

Besides, I couldn’t let the opportunity to capture this sunrise slip away, not when I had my camera with me. 

I usually hate driving to work in the fall/winter, because the sun is “in your face” the entire time. There have been days when I couldn’t see a foot in front of me, as I tentatively toured over the top of a ridge on some lonely country road.  Good thing the road was lonely. Scary!

Tuesday the traffic was at a minimum, and the red sky at morning was spectacular. I only wish my lens could capture what the human eye sees. Then you would know how truly blessed I am to live in NEPA!

What’s that they say about red sky at night?  Sailor’s delight!

Red sky in the morning; sailors take warning. 

Luckily, no sailors live in our neighborhood!

Have you ever snapped pictures while driving?  What do you see when you look out on your favorite vista? 

4 thoughts on “Morning Has Broken

  1. Beautiful morning and beautiful pictures. Since you’re a multi-tasker, here’s a suggestion. To incorporate exercise in your morning drive, get out of the car and leave it in drive to take the pictures. Then, run after the car to get back into it! Exercise completed!! 😀

    • Hahahahahahah! Love it, but I’m pretty sure people in my neighborhood already see me as eccentric. This kinda activity might drive my crazy quotient with them off the charts. Maybe. I do live in cow country, though, so ya never know what you’re gonna see when you drive down those lonely roads!

  2. Love these one, there have really beautiful colours!
    I confess, I also took a picture or two while driving. Sometimes you just have to, it’s like a force of nature you cannot control 😉

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