3 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. Love this one! My ex had a similar beard – not that long – but it kept distracting me, especially after lunch, which was kinda awful 😉
    But otherwise, I think it’s very distracting when you see the personality of someone shining through, even though you see that person for the first time. It’s the actions that person does and how he does it, that keeps me distracted and most often staring. But I guess I’m mostly distracted by the TV. If it’s switched on and I can see it, I will watch. Somehow I’m not able to divide my attention there, even if it’s just advertisement. Very annoying. Moving pictures :/

    • I agree with you, Hanni. TV is a huge distraction in life.

      My hubs would love to have a beard like this one (he hates shaving), but I have told him that he needs to save that kinda “eccentricity” for the day when he is ready to move out into the woods and live there alone, in a hollowed out tree. LOL I would find a beard this long very, VERY distracting!

  2. Attractions:
    1. Beautiful eyes
    2. Posture (I can’t help it being a chiropractor!)

    1. Moles on faces
    2. Badly crooked teeth when people smile

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