Big Green Girl Project is Back On

It’s so on!

Remember that project that got sidelined over the summer?

Well, BGG is back on the agenda this fall.

In case you don’t know who BGG is, check out the tales of Big Green Girl here and here.

Saturday afternoon the gals came to the house to help me resurrect this chair upholstering project of mine.  Sis was in the zone and ready to go; chomping at the bit, actually, so it wasn’t long before our work began in earnest.

She calls this chair therapy, and so it was.

DSC_0654We started this resurrection project by picking clean the old springs and putting new burlap webbing on the seat.DSC_0652You can see how these ladies concentrated their efforts at this stage of the rework.  Intense!

My mom was an upholsterer before retirement, so she knows how these things go back together. Good thing she has recall that exceeds mine. I looked for the meticulous pictures I took when tearing this chair apart in the spring. They were stored on one of my many memory sticks on the camera, but do you think I could find them?  No, and I did not have an internet connection to access the blog.  Oh, well, mom did great as acting project manager Saturday afternoon without the pictures.  She was quite the diplomat, as she guided my sister through the actual hands-on work to be done.

My sis is a seamstress who makes her own clothes patterns, and is fearless when it comes to tackling any DIY project put before her.

Me?  I observe, listen, take mental notes, and this day made a few snacks for after church (my turn), finishing up my afternoon by doing copious dishes.  I am neither an upholsterer, nor a seamstress.

When my clothes need darning, I throw them out.  That’s how domestic I am.

The old chair binding was really dirty and grubby.  Kinda gross, so we threw that out.

DSC_0655The springs were covered with old cushion residue, but we got them cleaned and began the process of tying them together for stability sake inside the seat of the chair.DSC_0658Soon they were all tied and attached to the outside frame of the chair. BGG is now ready to receive her new cushion (pending).

DSC_0659Not too shabby!

Note the lawn chair material we used as an additional strip in the front of the seat.  I hedged at the decision to use that.  The old binding didn’t have that fourth row added.  The gals said it would be okay and afford extra support and strength for the chair.  We’ll see.

I am still skeptical.

Years ago I worked in a place that had a sign hung on the wall in my department that said:   Why is it we always have time to do it over, but we never have time to do it right the first time?

Good question for anyone concerned with quality control, right?

The sign came to mind when using that yellow strip of highly stretchy material.  I hope I never have to do this chair over, but time will tell.  If the material used there sags too much, we might be in trouble.  :/

DSC_0661This stage of the work is now done.

Next up: The back of the chair will get a new cover. 

I’m planning to do the chair backing myself, so stay tuned to see how I handle tacks, a hammer, and my BGG dream.

I thought I would share a picture of the snack I made to share with others on Sunday, along with the chair pics. 

Yep, that’s a cookie acorn nestled in close to my range-top foxes.  Nothing healthy there, but they were fun to make.

DSC_0674 Can you tell it is an acorn?

I also baked pumpkin snicker doodle, at my sister’s request.  I replaced half the fat in the recipe with pumpkin puree and used whole wheat flour in the batter.  They had a subtle pumpkin flavor, but I only tasted one when they came out of the oven, so maybe the taste changed once they cooled.

It as fun spending the day with the gals, and resurrecting this long gone project together.  Time well spent!!!

What projects are you working on this fall?  What favorite recipe do you enjoy making in the fall, and why do you like it?

2 thoughts on “Big Green Girl Project is Back On

  1. Your sign at work would not work too well for surgeons. One of the reasons I am not very patient with people who turn out poor work. Seriously, I’ve always though the high standards that doctors are expected to always reach was a little unfair.

    • You guys are held to a pretty high standard, the results of your work being of great importance to your patients!

      One of my habits when praying for people going into surgery, is to also remember their surgical team. I pray that their doctor and nurses/techs have had a restful night the night before the surgery, and that they head into the OR feeling refreshed and ready to lend their unique skills to the healing process. I know I sometimes go to work feeling fatigued. I always hope that is not the case for my surgeon, but hey, they are people too!

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