Fostering Habit Every Day

000rogueThere are some days when I don’t want to do what I need to do to develop a habit. 

Some days I just want to skate freely through life.

Some days I want to change things up.

Some days I want to be inventive.

Some days I want to go rogue!

What I remind myself “some days” is that if I want to build a habit, I have to act in habitual ways. I have to keep doing the same thing, same thing, same thing until the behavior I seek is ingrained.

Habit is about firmly fixing my attention and my actions on doing that thing I want to become second nature.




Does this behavior get monotonous at times? Of course, it does, but if a habit is what I seek, then I have to perform the same actions again and again, and again, until they become rote.

10 minutes of exercise this morning-check.

oatmeal for breakfast this morning-check.

5 minutes of meditation this morning-check.

It’s gonna be a good day!  Check!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How will you make today a good day?  What teeny, tiny thing are you doing today to make your dream a reality?  Do tell.

2 thoughts on “Fostering Habit Every Day

  1. The good news is this process of repetition is only necessary until the behavior changes. Now it no long is classified as tedious repetition, but rather lifestyle modification. When this lifestyle change occurs the sense of tedious repetition dissipates. Most people ultimately look forward to this new pattern that provides greater access to quality living. No one likes a learning curve, but everyone enjoys the end result of successful change.

    • That IS good news, and I forgot to mention how psyched I am about the changes I see taking place in my physical body. I feel on track for the first time in a long time, and that’s nothing to sneeze at. Plus, learning a new habit is an incredibly empowering and fulfilling experience. I love learning, but even more than that, I love learning a new skill that when put in place, will help me every day to reach my goals in life.

      I am on a quest for Change. Good habits will get me there. I’m so excited!!!!

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