Reporting for Duty–Goals Update

ThreeGoals-AlternativeToday has been a crazy busy day, and truthfully, I played around with the idea of skipping my goal reporting today and doing it tomorrow, or on the weekend, or not until next Thursday.  I toyed with the idea, but then I said, “Lori, accountability is part of the process, so you get in front of that keyboard and write that update.”

My self is so excited about this whole teeny, tiny goal-setting adventure.  She’s such a cheer leader, too. God bless her!

I love that about Lori’s.  I have found that in my experience they are all wonderful, loving, nurturing people.  Hee, hee.

but seriously, I say that to every Lori I meet.  They all smile when I do!  🙂

Time to Report for Goal Duty

These were my teeny, tiny goals for this past week:

  1.  Exercise for 9 minutes each morning before doing anything else.

2. Eat oatmeal for breakfast this week.

3. Figure out why I am resistant when it comes to having a better plan in place for dinner time.

Here’s how I did:

No. 1 and No. 2: Stellar!  I am really beginning to feel like my morning exercise and breakfast are developing into a habit, and I couldn’t be happier about that.

Funny story about breakfast yesterday… 

I bring my baked oatmeal to work with me, along with some nut meats that I put in the oatmeal once I warm it.  Yesterday, it wasn’t as warm as I would like, so I went to put it back in the microwave for about 10 more seconds.  I hit the door handle somehow when I did so, with the result being that my oatmeal went air-borne!!!! Like a rocket, it flew on the floor, up the wall, across the cupboard doors, and onto the lab door.


All my lovely, warm, desirable oatmeal was on the wall and floor of the break room. Yep, that’s how I started my day.

No, I did not yell a string of obscenities at that time.  I was so proud of myself.

There was still a small amount of oatmeal in the shatterproof bowl when I was done trying to empty it all, and because I had vowed to eat oatmeal for breakfast every day, and because I was thinking only of you, and my goals, and those habits, and my teeny, tiny progress, and didn’t want all of that to go away, I ate what remained.

Yes, I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I ate what remained.

Hey, don’t judge me until you’ve lost your breakfast all over the break room floor and have nothing else to eat.

No.3–Fail!  Nope, I’m not discussing it.  FAIL is all I will say.

My Three Teeny, Tiny Goals for this week:

1. I will do 10 minutes of exercise each morning this week.

2. I will eat oatmeal for breakfast each day this week.

3. I will meditate for 5 minutes each morning this week.

I’ve been thinkin’ about my goals and my exercise (between hoping I would not spill my breakfast all over the break room floor, and doing the day job), when it occurred to me that I talk a lot to God, but I have a hard time listening.

I need to listen more.

Thinking about how little time I spend quiet and actively seeking God for help with this health journey I am on, I feel the need to make meditation my goal for this week, and maybe a few more going forward.  If I want help to get healthy, I need to open my heart and mind, shut my pie hole long enough to hear what I am supposed to hear, and then build an Action Plan around the insight I’ve gained.

Wisdom + Willingness = Winning Scenarios!

This week, I will be shutting my pie hole for at least 5 minutes every day, but more than that, during my 5 minutes I will actively seek to take in the knowledge of the ages and apply it to my situation and quest to be well.

I will keep in mind that old adage I have heard many times:

When the student is ready, the Teacher will appear!

When have you been a good and attentive student?  When have you taught with grace?

7 thoughts on “Reporting for Duty–Goals Update

  1. I remain to this day the attentive student. I believe a teacher focused on teaching unwilling to listen can’t learn. This limits one’s teaching abilities. I continue to learn from people, journals, videos, radios, books and the all mighty computer. The more sources utilized for knowledge the better the chances to discover tomorrow’s new truths.

    • Amen. I think staying open to new ideas and understandings that come to us from our world, along with an active and encouraged imagination, is the catalyst for creativity and invention. I have always loved learning and still do today!

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