Above the Sheets

000exercise in bedIs it okay to exercise in bed?

That’s the question I had to ask myself this weekend. Can I stay in bed and call what I’m doing exercise?

For me, I think the answer is, Yes!

And no, I did not have a partner joining me in this exercise routine.  😉

Hubs was up and out early this Saturday, making making the bed an exercise that was a whole lot less synchronized, but a job that I needed to complete before beginning my nine minutes of morning movements in bed.

I left the lights out while I exercised.  I often do that in the morning. Just because I’m moving, doesn’t mean I have to wake up yet, right?

The dark environment of my bedroom, and the cushioned base for my exercise routine this weekend, meant that I stayed at it longer and enjoyed it more.

Sometimes, I just want to put off getting out of bed in the morning.  Anyone else feel that way?

The downside of exercising in bed was that I fell back asleep after my routine was finished, and that caused me to get a late start when leaving the house.

Poor hubs, his early departure was followed by an errand of mercy, as he helped a local micro-farmer neighbor pick produce from a rather large garden before picking grapes, so that all the harvest that could get in was gotten in before the big frost this morning.

It snowed like sixty yesterday in NEPA!!!

Yep, our snow before Halloween tradition is left intact.

Big, white flakes of that frosty stuff came down for about thirty minutes. And that, only an hour after I told Hubs he really needs to mow the lawn at least one more time before winter begins in earnest.

I saw this picture on facebook today, and snickered:

000snow in NEPADo you ever exercise in bed?  If so, how much of a sweat do you work up in your work out?


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