The Eyes Have It!

000Googly-Eye-GLassesMaybe I’m crazy, and one thing has nothing to do with the other, but it seems that since I have returned to my Flexitarian ways, my eye sight is better!

My Flexitarian style of eating includes:

Breakfast: Oatmeal, nuts, and fruit

Lunch:  Small amount of protein, paired with lots of fresh, raw veggies

Dinner: Lots of veggies with some grains and a lil protein

I swear, since I have returned to this style of eating I have felt better, experienced less pain, and had no problems with my eye.  I frequently experience dry eyes this time of year.

Prior to returning to this eating style, I was switching back and forth between my old eye glass prescription and a new one that is not quite right.  The new one does not allow for clear vision when working with my computer, and let’s face it, since I work with my computer all day, that is a problem.

This week, I have not been tempted to switch back and forth, not a single time.


What positive effects do you notice in your life due to your current style of eating?  Do you have a pair of glasses specifically designed for computing purposes?


4 thoughts on “The Eyes Have It!

  1. Healthier styles of eating reduce systemic inflammation in the body. Rather than spending your internal energy on fighting inflammation, it can be used to HEAL damaged tissue resulting in positive changes such as less pain and stiffness. This may be a possible explanation to your improved feelings. As far as eyesight is concerned, you’ve stumped me! This should prove to your readers that when I don’t have a good answer, I admit I DON’T KNOW! Proves I’m human. 🙂

    • Ha! I love that about you!!! You don’t claim to have all the answers! I think there is true strength and humility in admitting we don’t know it all. What human does? Some of the greatest geniuses this world has produced can’t mix and match clothing or make a decent pie crust. Doesn’t make them any less brilliant in their field of expertise.

      We all have our gifts, and I don’t know about you, but I am glad they are not all the same. Think how round and sick we’d be if all any of us knew was how to make a good pie? 😉

    • Thank you!!!

      It feels good to be back to eating better, but man, today I was wayyy hungry in the afternoon. I finally gave in and ENJOYED a yogurt at 3:00pm.

      Not too shabby!

      See how I was easy on myself there. I’m learning. 😉

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