Kindle, Galaxy, or IPod?

000samsung-p7500I have one of the best cameras in the world. It’s a Nikon and I love it. It takes great pictures, but it’s heavy, bulky, and not easily transported from here to there, especially on rough terrain.

I love my laptop, when it works. Its a notebook and its probably four years old.  It doesn’t work more than half of the time, and when it does, it is sooooo slowwwwww.

I’m going to get me something that I can use for pics and for wifi access, but what should I buy?

My sister has a Samsung Galaxy that she loves. 

I have several nephews who are I Pod guys.

My DIL has a kindle, and it works fine for her.

I do not have or want a smart phone.

Which device will get me some decent pics on the run and a fast wifi hook up that I can use to blog while I’m on the road?  Which device do you prefer, and why?