I’m Baaaack

Ten days ago I started my most recent great adventure.  Today, I’m back in the chair where I perform my day job.  Frankly, I’m wishing I was out there; in the Adirondacks, at the park with the kiddos, enjoying the last of the summer wines and living large in this big, beautiful world.

I’m not.

I’m here.

At my desk.

Contented, but also longing for more. 

Can you be both contented and longing?  Somehow in my head, it works for me.

I had a great time away last week, and when that was done hubs and I spent the weekend with a couple of cute guys who are under 4 ft tall.  They are hilarious, full of vim and vigor, and ready to switch gears at a moment’s notice.  The pace those boys set for us was vastly different from that I experienced on my journey north with the ladies.  The boys are all “let’s do that!” and “can we go over there?” and “where is Jingle Bells?”  She’s our outside house cat.

Yes, we are the contrarians of NEPA!

I thought I might share with you a couple pictures of the places I went and the things I saw while absent from the desk and chair last week.

This “beauty” was growing along the shore of Schroon Lake when we visited there.

DSC_0078The spiral on that bud was amazing. I don’t usually take pictures of flowers, but this one I wanted to capture.  Here it is in full bloom:

DSC_0079Pretty, hunh?  The red veins reaching out from the center of that flowere look like blood, don’t they?  Striking!  Schroon Lake was a sleepy place last week, which suited us just fine.  We loved that we could drive alongside the lake’s edge without having to fight traffic. Doing that reminded me of my childhood, when we would drive up to Seneca Lake with my gramps.  I always enjoyed riding along as he drove, the water at our side.

DSC_0095Look at this:

DSC_0071Amazing, hunh?  I think I could kayak here all afternoon.  Gotta get that on my bucket list for next year.

DSC_0072Do you like the water? 

I like to look at water and take pictures of lakes and oceans, and I like to kayak on small lake and ponds, but I don’t like motor boating.  I blame my gramps for that. He always drove too fast when I was in his boat. His lake of choice, Seneca Lake, is big and can be choppy, but the worst experience I ever had in a boat was when we went on the St. Lawrence River while staying in Canada.  Ugh. Sitting in that boat and staring down into those deep and dark waters for what seemed like hours freaked me out.  As a tween, I was terrified of falling into them and getting wrapped up in the vegetation that grew there.

I had an active imagination then, as I do now.

Since we were in the Adirondacks, of course we saw this on the mini golf course we passed by as we headed out of the area.

DSC_0085We enjoyed our visit to Schroon Lake, and were impressed with all the waterways that at available in New York State.  So. Much. Water! Who knew?!DSC_0075Do you like the water?  What thrills, spills, or chills have you experienced while visiting your favorite lake?


4 thoughts on “I’m Baaaack

  1. I was a land sport guy. To date my only water accomplishment has been receiving the GOLD MEDAL for the 50 meter dead man float. 😀

    Nice to see you had such a wonderful time with the older and younger members. Diversity creates new experiences in life. Always worthwhile.

  2. Those pictures remind me of the lake when I went off to camp. That was fun.

    We have a nice lake about 20 miles away, Lake Santa Fe. It’s pretty big with lovely shorelines. Large Cypress trees. I’ve skied, kayaked, and sailed there.

    • Sounds fun!!! Although I think I’m probably wayyy too clumsy to water ski.

      Can you say water burn? I’m afraid that is what I would have all up and down my body at the end of any water skiing session I might take part in–I’m a klutz and a lil bit big water-phobic. LOL

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